Live on a Golf Course

Idaho houses are sought after the world over and one of the biggest pluses for Idaho real estate is its diversity and various options that it affords homebuyers. Living on a golf course is a great way to find a home in a wonderful environment, even if you don't golf at all. We'll explain some of the vast benefits on buying idaho houses built on a golf course.

Huge Backyard

While many love to have lots of space around their homes, it isn't always affordable to buy and do the upkeep on an acre or more. Idaho houses along golf courses give homeowners big, beautiful backyards that they don't have to lift a finger to maintain. You may pay a bit more than you would otherwise for the lot, but it will be much less expensive than trying to buy some land on your own and golf course living isn't nearly as expensive as you may think. It's great fun being able to watch golf right out of your back windows and most courses don't mind if you practice putting on the green behind their house. Also, don't worry about getting hit with golf balls--usually homes are strategically placed where they won't be hit and you can put up some netting if necessary.

Desirable Locations

If you want a home in a great location, usually Idaho houses on golf courses are some of the best you can find. Golf courses are built in pleasant areas, usually close to many local attractions. If you are buying a pre-existing home around a golf course, likely the finest homes will be built surrounding the course, so even if you don't want to golf, it's a good idea to be open to living on the course. Also important is the fact that since golf courses are built in nice parts of town, there is usually less crime in the area--another great advantage of golf course living.

Tight-Knit Neighborhood

It makes people happier and safer to be in a community where they know their neighbors and those that live in the neighborhood. You'll find a small community within your neighborhood along a golf course. Perhaps it's because many of the members of the neighborhood play golf together, but regardless, golfing neighborhoods are ideal for those seeking a connected neighborhood community. Additionally, golf course neighborhoods generally have active homeowners associations which ensure that the neighborhood is kept in top shape for everyone.

Property Value

The property value of homes is tied to its surrounding area--so if there are foreclosures in the neighborhood, everyone's houses become less valuable. Idaho houses along golf courses have their property value strengthened by the golf course. This usually works to make them stay hold their value and appreciate better than regular homes. You will want to make sure that the golf course that you choose to live on has a strong history and good future plans. Your experienced Hughes Group realtor can advise you on which are golf course neighborhoods are best.

Golf course living is for everyone. There are many courses in the state with real estate of all styles and price ranges around them. Play the courses first for fun and to decide which one you'd like to live on most. It may be a hard decision, but you can find one that suits you perfectly. Simply put, to be happy: live on a golf course!

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