Living next to water

It is the dream of many people to find a home that is on a waterfront of some kind. Just imagining a place where the air is cool, and you have easy access to a swimming hole can make life seem a little bit brighter and cooler. Unfortunately, there are downsides to living near a large body of water. While Idaho does not have any oceans that might lay waste to houses that are built along their coasts, it certainly has other bodies of water that can be just as problematic, if not more so. Yes, living so close to water is not all cool breezes and fun in the sun. Water is a force of nature. While it is still and untouched by wind, you are not going to see much trouble with it unless you happen to no know how to swim and decide to jump in. But when it gets roiled up and when a house has to live with the influence of water for a long enough time, it can start to wear down on your home and make it a difficult place to live. So, while there are a lot of reasons to live near water and while you can have some fun with such a home, there are some things you should be on the lookout for.

One of the things you have to understand about living next to water is that you are not the only person who wants to have a lakeside view. Lakes, rivers, and the ocean (Though the latter does not really apply to Idaho) attract all kinds of people, either for a visit or for a place to live. This means that your image of the ideal lakeside home might be spoiled by all of the other people around you. Your neighbors might be fine, but it is not just you and two other homes next to the lake. Instead, it is hundreds of other couples and families and individuals all living around you and using the lake to the extent that they want. That can mean noisy boats plowing around on the water and loud cars going by your house every day. Worse, there are all the people that do not live by the lake and only visit it on the weekends or holidays or just when they have time off. These are people who do not have a vested interest in the quality of the lake when they are not there and so they do not take the same cares that you or the people who live there might. There will be thousands of people that come through and you just have to accept that they are going to do as they please (Within reason).

Other people are not the only people you have to worry about, as well. Water is something that all living things need for survival, either because they need to frequently drink it or because they need it as a place to live. That means that there are going to be hundreds of different animal species living around your home on the lake. To some extent, this makes living by a lake really nice. There are cool animals that you might see from time to time and the birds can add some atmosphere to your everyday life. However, cute and interesting animals are not the only animals on the lake and even those can be a nuisance. What I am mostly talking about here is pests that might like the climate around the lake and especially all of the juicy materials that make up your house and might give them shelter. A bear might come snooping into your home if you are really unlucky but the most common problem you need to be on the lookout for is something like termites. Termites love wet and humid climates and might find a way into your home if the conditions are right. The most common avenue termites will take is a pile of soggy wood next to your home.

Living near a large body of water like a lake also opens your home up to a more direct confrontation with the elements. When there is a lot of water in one place it tends to cause its own weather and you are more likely to see rainstorms and bad wind. Many of the houses that are built along water are built to survive this kind of weather (And if you are building your own home then you should make sure of that) but a house can only stand up to weather so long without adverse effects eventually taking their toll. Further, a house next to water does not have the same protections as a house in the suburbs surrounded by other houses. The sun that beats down on your house next to the lake is the same sun that is beating down on every other home in the world but there is not as much to get in the way and protect the sides of your home. There are no other houses to stop the sun for part of its journey across the sky and only a whole lot of flat water on at least one side of your home. You might think that it is just the sun and not a problem but after years of shining on the side of your house, paint strips and the structural integrity of parts of your home can start to weaken.

To be sure, there are a whole lot of upsides to living next to water. You have an absolutely beautiful view that you cannot get anywhere else and there is a certain amount of seclusion to be had as well. If ever you are feeling hot or in need of a good swim, the water is right there and open to your needs. While there are definitely reasons that living by water is not so great they are not as powerful as the reasons it is great and if you have the opportunity you should take it. Just make sure to prepare and watch out for the different problems that might arise.


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