Make the Most of Your Space

Interior design elements can be windows into the personality of a homeowner. Whether you are building or remodeling, throwing in a touch of your own personal flair can individualize your home and make it feel more comfortable for you to live in. It can also serve as a greeting card for anyone who happens to pop by. So, hold onto your hats as we fly by a few ideas of ways to make your house just that - yours.

If you have a house with stairs, you know how frustrating organizing under-the-stairs space can be. Well, here are two ideas that could help maximize storage in that awkwardly shaped area. First up- shelves. Bibliophiles and interior decorators alike will love this idea. On the outer wall of the space under the stairs, build in bookshelves. It looks quite classy and is functional to boot. These bookshelves can be used to house a number of things- from photos to books to trinkets and knick-knacks. What a great way to show off your prized possessions! For those who have lots of shoes and nowhere to put them, these bookshelves can easily be modified to house your kicks. Second on our list of stair storage is to create a drawer system- with your stairs as the drawers! Perfect for storing many things, stairs are typically deep enough and wide enough that you could store shoes, winter clothing, shallow seasonal items, and many more things. Give these two ideas a try and you’ll be pleased with the results- guaranteed.

Laundry rooms can be a huge culprit for feeling crunched and disorganized. Why not try this idea on for size- if you have a front loading washer and dryer, build a shelf just tall enough for sorting bins or rectangular laundry baskets underneath your washer and dryer. This takes away the need to put laundry baskets in the middle of the room until your laundry is done, thus keeping the walkway clear until you are ready to unload. It also saves you from backaches as the shelf elevates your washer and dryer reducing the need to bend over in order to reach your clothes. Just swing your hand into the dryer, pull out your fresh clothing, and let it drop right into the waiting laundry bin. If you have a folding station in your laundry room, or are planning to put one in, consider making a pull out drying rack. All it takes is one drawer frame with rods inserted instead of a drawer bottom. Once it’s installed, you will have a drying rack for finicky clothing and delicates that you can put away the instant it is empty without costing much space like most freestanding drying racks.

If you are looking for a classy way to separate rooms, build in tracks and install in them beautiful, sliding barn doors. This design concept brings in a bit of a rustic feel that is dynamic and a great focal point for those struggling to find one for a room. The doors can remain open or can slide to a closed position. This is perfect for a homeowner who would like to have good flow from the kitchen to the dining room on some occasions, but the ability to create a more intimate dining experience without a view of the mess in the kitchen at other times. Track doors are available in many different varieties- barn doors as mentioned above, french doors, and french doors with frosted glass, and so many more styles to choose from that will work for your individual desires.

Kitchen space in most houses is at a premium, so it’s important to have your kitchen layout match your needs. One cool idea is to create drawers with removable baskets for things such as fruits, vegetables, and snacks. This keeps things neat and tidy and off the counter, thus making cooking a more streamlined process and maximizing your workspace. And while we are on the topic of space, how about installing cabinets with rollout shelves for your heavier and more awkward items such as crock pots and pans? This tip is extremely useful because it enables the chef to pull out the shelf (which is on rollers) and have a bird’s eye view of all of the pots and pans. No more moving one pan to reach another, no more precariously stacking blenders on top of toasters- you can lay out your appliances and let each have it’s own place and space to breathe. Another great space efficient kitchen idea is to build a drawer for your trash can directly under a pull out cutting board. This saves time in cleanup as you can just wipe the extra food directly into the trash. You could even cut a hole in the board to make cleanup even easier.

Pantry doors are a space that are not frequently utilized. Why not try to make the most of your pantry by building in a door with a spice rack? If your stove is far away from the pantry and you like to have your spices close, try building small rods into your door so that you can put those pesky, space consuming pot and pan lids out of sight and out of mind on the back of the pantry door. The lids are then out of the way and not taking up precious room in a drawer or cabinet. When organizing pantry space, think about this option- instead of only putting in shelves, try putting cabinets in the lower half of the pantry and shelves in the upper part. This opens up a nice countertop area to store larger appliances that there may not be space for in the kitchen area.

There are so many unique options for remodels and building houses. Whether it’s saving space in the pantry, streamlining your laundry room, or using functionality as a clever organizational tool, it’s possible to make your dream home a reality. Just remember to think outside of the box and take the time to sit down and plan out your flow so that you can make the most of your space in a way that will make your heart sing.

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