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Tiny houses, are they the future of housing as we know it? Today we are going to dive into the subject of one of the world’s newest trends in housing: tiny houses. Tiny houses— no, not a small house, a tiny house, are a spectacular evolution in our culture as far as housing is concerned, by taking the desire for a huge home with rooms upon rooms and trading it out for a small abode that is no bigger than most camper trailers.

What is a tiny house?

A tiny house is, at its core, a small house. We are talking about small houses that look no bigger than a 2 car garage or even smaller. You see, tiny houses are … tiny. They are built much like camper trailers where they are designed to pack as much stuff into a single space as possible while



When it comes to heating and cooking in your home, the current debate that is on everyone’s minds is whether gas or electricity is better. Today we are going to dive into this topic so that you can make a more informed decision when it comes to your own home. There are many factors that come into play when you ask questions like that but we are going to do our best to outline the most pressing pros and cons for each so that you can more easily make a decision.

Where you live is the biggest factor in the Electricity vs. Gas debate

Before you really dive down the rabbit hole on this subject it is important to take into account that whether electricity or gas is better for you is relative to where you live. This is because the distance you



As human beings, we need a place to live. It is one of those things that provides us security: shelter. However, buying a home is a bit more than just buying a roof and some walls. Your home holds all your things, it is place where you can feel safe, and it’s a place to belong. Not to mention it is a refuge from emotional, social, and workplace stresses. However, though they shelter us, the homeowner, they cannot weather all things. There are many ways that a house can get damaged, the most drastic of which come from disasters (both natural and unnatural). For the most part, you can’t do anything to prevent a disaster from happening, but you can do a few things to prepare in case of one. These preparations may not protect your home completely



Buying your first home can be an exhilarating time in life. There are many reasons why people buy their home and becoming a first-time buyer doesn’t always fall on the same demographic of people. Whether you’ve been renting for years or are stepping out on your own for the first time in general, we’ve got some tips and tricks to help prepare you for a smooth transition into home ownership.

Some things that may get lost in the excitement of signing closing papers and picking up the keys to your new digs include smaller furnishings. Now, there are certainly things that everyone expects to have to supply in their home, and some are even blessed to have certain appliances left behind or sold with the home by its previous tenants such as



A person’s home is their castle, as it is said, and with that level of respect comes the need for the coolest and newest home innovations out there. Each year technology and engineering provides us with many new and awesome innovations; which ones do you need in your home in 2017 though? Well, here we have a list of different products that are not necessarily new to homeowners, but they have not necessarily caught on just yet making them still very new and very cutting edge in our current culture.

Smart Tech

Over the past few years, Smart Tech has become the go-to thing in home innovation. Whether it is for entertainment or security or everything in between, Smart Tech will find a way to make your life easier. The purpose behind Smart Tech



For most people, if they have done anything in the wide world of real estate, have most likely heard about appraisals. It doesn’t matter if you are buying a home, selling a home, or just checking out the market, you are going to come across this concept. It is one that has great bearing on the real estate market, one that can literally change the outcome of almost any real estate deal. You may find yourself in a situation where an appraisal will come back and do good by you, but then you will also find times when the appraisal can completely alter your plans.

Appraisals, what are they?

When you hear the word appraisal in any industry outside of real estate, you usually think that something’s value is being assessed. Well, in real estate, it



It’s fun to get a new home, and it’s also fun to have a home to call your own for a lifetime. Your home is part of your heart, and as such a vital vessel in your life, proper maintenance is crucial. Keeping up with home maintenance is so much easier than putting it all off, and when you put it off you could possibly be ignoring a problem that lies under the surface. To avoid any headaches in your future due to something preventable happening in your home, here are a number of tips to keep you on top of your home maintenance responsibilities:


*Bedrooms are pretty easy to stay on top of as long as you keep the carpets clean and the windows nice and tight. It’s important in each room of your home, including the bedrooms in your home,



Home Inspections can seem scary. Just the two words combined can cause one’s chest to tighten. So much to do, so much to get done, where do I start? These thoughts may race through your mind as you start to panic. However, home inspections don’t have to be anxiety-inducing. As a matter of fact, they don’t have to be bad at all. Before you have a home inspector come and look at your home, just be sure to check on everything to make sure things are in tip top shape before the inspection. It’s best to be able to keep on top of things year-round, though, so even if you aren’t anticipating a home inspection any time soon, the following checklist will help aid you in your efforts to keep a healthy home and receive a happy “pass” in your home inspection




We have all noticed or come across the houses around town that is for sale by owner. This means that this person is selling the home without a listing agent from a property management. One thing to understand, either way you sell your home, is the fair housing act. This act states that you cannot refuse to sell or rent a home to a person based upon race, religion, family status or sex. What this means in the selling of the home is that you cannot say that this is a good home because the home is near a certain school. The basic parts of selling any home or property are broken down into 5 simple parts.

One, pricing your home accurately, this can depend on where you live and what other people are pricing their homes at in your neighborhood. Two,



For most of us, we like when our homes are well lit. It makes them more functional, more inviting, and homier. Not to mention it gives the home brighter atmosphere as well. However, not many people are up to hiring an electrician to wire up new lights if the rooms in your home aren’t as bright as one would like. So, that leaves quite a few people in a conundrum: How can I brighten up my home without new light fixtures? Well, that is the question we are going to endeavor to answer today. Below we have a few ideas for lightening up a room without the need to hire an electrician.

Better bulbs

The first thing you should think about when trying to make your home seem brighter is buying better bulbs. Nowadays there are almost thousands of options