Montpelier Ranger District Campgrounds

Montpelier Ranger District 

Paris Springs Campground

Dare to delight In the tranquil surroundings offered at Paris Springs campground situated approximately 5 miles from the city of Paris, Idaho.

The Paris Springs Campground offers opportunities for hiking, boating, fishing, trail running, horseback riding, wilderness sports, snow sports, climbing, off-roading (OHV), swimming, whitewater paddling, wildlife viewing, and backpacking.

Tucked away In the dense tree life of the caribou Targhee National forest, Paris Springs campground This is a tranquil weekend retreat. Venture to this picturesque terrain surrounded by forest pine and wooded scenery. The wooded backdrop sets the tone for maximum enjoyment among nature. This scenic mountain destination will have you gravitating towards wilderness adventures.

Create the morning sunlight as it shines through the pines and prepare for a day of discovering unique destinations in this diverse and beautiful environment. Settled at 6600' above sea level, experience the fresh mountain air and access to this already incredible natural environment.

Visiting this location early Spring guests may enjoy blooming wildflowers for a canvas of infinitely diverse colors when the fall months come. Welcoming attractions include Paris Creek and Paris Springs, located about 300' from the campground. Fast in the refreshingly cool waters on a Sunny summer day And bring along your fishing pole for a chance to catch a fresh dinner.

Retire for the evening to the soothing sounds of the babbling brook, the savory aroma of a sizzling meal, and a moonlit camp. Create memories and a sense of revitalization within the tranquil environment that may be found here at the Paris Creek Campground.

Find yourself observing wildlife, the naturally occurring elements, and rediscovering the meaning of getting outdoors. Timeless treasures are those that make it to the scrapbook or in the hearts of those enjoying sharing time together. The remarkable Paris Creek Campground is the foundation to exactly that. This parklike location is filled with the sounds of birds welcoming the morning sun paired with the calming sounds of the creek's mild-moderate current trickling over the rocks.

The things most often overlooked when packing include a frying pan, cooking utensils, hydration reservoir, an ax, cups, and extra water. The learn-by-experience items usually include the very handy trash receptacle, the oh no I forgot the charcoal, an umbrella for the unexpected rain showers, and possibly a towel. The extra nifty items that are easily overlooking might include a medical kit, ground cloth, extra stakes, utility bags, water bucket, and or possibly a buddy burner for cooking on the go.

Porcupine Campground

Planning for your next adventure and searching for a campground that meets all of your adventure criteria? Porcupine Campground is certainly one to consider as it offers a vast array of unique sporting and outdoor activity opportunities. Conveniently located within the Caribou Targhee National Forest of southeastern Idaho, the campground is a popular stopping point for many traveling to nearby destinations. The Minidoka Caves and Bear Lake are two commonly visited locations within miles of the campground. A bit further out visitors can find the Paris Ice Caves near the city of Paris, Idaho or the Curlew National Grassland.

Nestled ideally within the towering pines of the forest, Porcupine Campground sits along St. Charles Creek within a canyon along Rock Creek Road/forest road 461.

Described as a peaceful and tranquil location within the St. Charles canyon, Porcupine Campground is one that most visitors look forward to visiting again. Amenities include paved roads to the dirt sites, picnic tables with a hook for a lantern, places to pitch a tent, fire pits, spigots with potable water, and restrooms. With 17 sites in total, 6 of which are group sites, the Porcupine Campground is open from the months of May - September, though be sure to check for any updates and closures due to unforeseen circumstances.

Delicately adorned by beautiful aspen trees, delightful wildflowers, and dense shrubs; animals and area wildlife comfortably share this area with campers making it ideal for nature viewing. The partial shade option offered by the aspens and pine trees is a nice bonus, especially on mid-summer days.

Grab your day pack, the fishing pole, and the sunscreen for a day at St. Charles Creek. Another option might be to bring the water toys and head over to Bear Lake for a day on the jet skis, boating, water skiing, canoeing, floating, fishing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, or crashing into the waves on a windy day with a boogie board.

Sometimes it's the smaller things that make all the difference for maximum comfort; after you sit on a hard bench or the hard ground you'll wish you'd brought some form of camping chair. It doesn't matter who you are, if you forget to bring extra water and liquids to stay hydrated, there's going to be some level of discomfort. Better safe than sorry, be sure to double-check to ensure you have water packed.

Summit View Campground

High in the Bear River Range and situated within Bear Lake County, the marvelous Summit View Campground may be found approximately eight miles of U.S. Highway 30 within the Left Hand Fork Georgetown Canyon. Swimming in trees, the camp offers spacious and sizable lot spaces, to accommodate room for trailers, with the added bonus of partial to full shade options. Double sites are offered for those requiring the extra space for a slide-out, trailer, toys, and extras.

Mountain camping at an elevation of approximately 7,200 feet above sea level, and brings with it the possibility of fluctuating weather patterns, more often than not. It is always wise to pack for all-season weather, especially in Idaho. Pull out the picnic and enjoy lunch at one of the picnic tables, surrounded by wildflowers and lodgepole pines. There are partial or full shade 18 sites at this location and three group sites offered with fire pits and picnic tables. There is on-site water though be sure to bring back up water just in case.

The possibilities are open for there as far as area activities. Visitors might take delight in a nature hike or biking along the Great Western Trail, ideal for photo opportunities of wildlife and surrounding scenery. Droves of folks take delight scavenging and reaping the reward of Huckleberry picking. The Harrington Peak trail is another option that area explorers and adventurers might consider. From the campsite, this trail option runs around 3.5 miles and leads to the summit.

While others might like to take off for a day of off-road vehicle use (come prepared with a map). Additionally, visitors might also enjoy simply taking a day to disconnect while hanging out at camp for a relaxing day in the mountains. There is an amphitheater on-site waiting for a good old fashion stand-up comedy show, group activities, speeches, puppet shows, performances, storytelling, or whatever might be on the agenda for the day. Truly the options are limited to the creative mind.

OHV use in the surrounding areas is a popular pastime for many and can be quite inviting for those who are ready to hit the trails. Because this area is popular for ATV use, it has the potential to not be as quiet as other campgrounds that do not have accommodations for ATV use. Fluctuations may occur to activity use at this location depending on the time of year and weather conditions.

Seasonal area hunting is also an option at the Georgetown Summit WMA for many who enjoy the sport and have the proper licensing and or tag. The Georgetown Summit WMA offers opportunities for big game hunting.

The last-minute list of items for maximum comfort might include a foldable chair, sharp knife, water jug, hat, portable shower, so's beacon, contact lens supplies, tackle, bandaids, campfire grill, Camp host information, plastic bags, and other personal needs. Enjoy!

Willow Flat Campground

Take a trip to the terrific Willow Flat Campground in Franklin County, Idaho ideal for a weekend wilderness getaway. Scenic mountain views and the sounds of Cub River welcome visitors to this neat destination a few miles from the city of Preston. Opening season for the campground starts typically in May and goes through September. The Willow Flat Campground boasts 52 single spaces, 3 double spaces, and 3 graciously sized group spaces.

Willow Flat Campground offers the campers exceptional opportunities for fishing. Area trails include Willow Trail and Willow Flat Alt. which run alongside portions of Cub River. Hellyard Canyon Trail and Cub River Trail are also located within close proximity to the camp and make for an excellent option to get out and explore. Mountain biking, day hiking, nature walks, birding, and hunting for berries are common area activities. Hunting, off-road vehicle use, and horseback riding may also be a consideration.

Nestled on the mountain at about 6,300 feet above sea level rests this richly vegetated weekend stopover, teeming with greenery and area plantlife. The scenery from the campground is that of green vegetation lining the canyon floor amid a sea of trees and the mountain peaks as the backdrop. Travelers may decide to take a break and journey to area scenic hotspots or head out for a day of awe-inspiring waterside destinations. However, the allocated time is spent, be sure to pack your bags and check them twice and consider Willow Creek Campground for your next mini-vacation destination away from home.

Time to make a packing list and check it twice? What about a thermos or water container, hand warmers, or a quick-dry towel. For colder weather, an extra pair of thermal undergarments, perhaps some first aid supplies, a satellite phone, or something as simple as a table cloth can help when planning on eating outdoors. Morning is never the same when bringing along a french press, and it always seems to be when the bandages don’t make it in the car that’s when they are needed the most. Extra items might include a bbq grill, emergency contact, or perhaps some sunburn lotion.

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