Must-Visit Museums of Southeastern Idaho

           Are you planning a fun and exciting day enjoying Southeastern Idaho? Why not enjoy a day at one of Southeastern Idaho's great museums! Below are a few exciting area attractions that are undoubtedly sure to keep your attention and have you wondering what's in store around the next corner. Take a trip back in time, find yourself questioning what comes next, and take delight in laughing at things that may take you by surprise, at one of the following Idaho museums. Enjoy a day of adventure, discovery, and all the excitement that comes from being surrounded by a myriad of exhibits that hold fascinating facts, neat displays and a plethora of items you may not have known even existed. Of course, there are many excellent museum options in Southeastern Idaho and the following museums are simply the beginning of all that may be found.  

The Museum of Clean - Pocatello, Idaho

          Clean fun for all awaits. Forget everything you think you know about cleaning products, modern-day appliances, and cleaning as a whole, as the Museum of Clean is an excellent way to spend a day learning about inventions you never knew existed, getting into things that you never thought you would, and playing around in an atmosphere designed for just that! This destination is not one to miss as it’s filled with a mixture of fact-finding, games, gadgets to fidget with, and all sorts of intriguing discoveries around every corner. Discover delightful surprises while challenging your memory of times past and find yourself laughing at entirely sensible items as the Clean Museum has made ‘everything clean’ into a fascinating experience that will leave most anyone with long-lasting memories. This experience is one that makes for a once in a lifetime experience as the Museum of Clean is the only museum in the world just like it. Unlock a day of fun at the Museum of Clean located at 711 S. 2nd Ave in Pocatello. There is plenty of free parking, and the Museum of Clean is ADA compliant. Have fun! It’s safe to say that planning to spend more time having fun here than you originally anticipated is the best bet, so you might as well arrive early. You might consider grabbing a bite to eat prior to heading in this direction, as you're likely not going to want to leave, as going to the Museum of Clean is loads of fun. If you’re planning a trip to the area, be sure to consider swinging in to check out this destination.

          The museum is typically open Tuesday - Saturday from 10 am - 5 pm, holidays may affect these hours, be sure to always check in advance. Admission for adults is generally around $6 and Children (3-15) $5; there is also a group rate of 2 adults and 3 children for $20. As always, these rates may change, so be sure to check in for current rates and open days and hours prior to heading out.

Idaho Potato Museum - Blackfoot, Idaho

          Prepare to get hungry for all things centered around a potato and venture out for a day of smashingly good fun at the Idaho Potato Museum. Delve into nearly everything there is to know about how the Idaho potato made its way to Southeastern Idaho and various other parts of the world. From live potato plants growing in an exhibit to displays of old farming methods, discover hoards of potato information including photos of nearly every technique there is to cooking a potato. Enjoy a display of potato peelers from around the world. There are also exhibits for a wealth of potato preparing methods that include slicing, dicing, smashing, and smothering potatoes. Are you hungry yet? Well, if you’re not, you will surely develop an appetite learning about the hundreds of ways that a potato can be made into a variety of delicious appetizers, side orders, and main-course dishes. What’s your favorite meal that includes the famous Idaho potato? A few inspiring potato dishes might have you rethinking what to make next, with dishes including the Spanish potato churro, potato dumplings, potato pancakes, potato pierogies, and the pommes souffles. Check out the Idaho Potato Museum and discover how the delectable Idaho Potato has become so popular among households worldwide. Hungry now? You’re in luck; there is a convenient cafe located on-site with a host of potato options to choose from, including potato ice cream, a must-try if you’ve never had one! In order to save time, if you’re thinking about ordering a baked potato, you may try calling the cafe a few minutes prior to heading over. The Idaho Potato Museum is more than you’d expect, find walls filled with items to make you laugh, entertaining memorabilia, and thrills with motion-activated potatoes that come to life and talk as you stroll by. Enjoy checking out the largest potato chip, potato mashers galore, and potato themed gifts in the gift shop. This place is anything but corny! Take a bite out of your day, and enjoy a delightful day at the Idaho Potato Museum.

          The Idaho Potato Museum is conveniently located at 130 NW Main Street in Blackfoot, Idaho. The entry cost generally runs around $6 for Adults. The entrance fee for Seniors, AAA, Military entrance runs $5.50 and the price for Children (5-12) is $3 with Children (4 & Under) Free. There is a group discount rate of 15 or more persons at $5 per person. Rates and fees may change, so be sure to check in prior to heading over to the museum.

The Museum of Idaho - Idaho Falls, Idaho

          Even though the museum is currently closed, today (2/3/2020), for a major overhaul, when it reopens, this destination is definitely one to add to the ‘go-to’ list. Spend hours exploring the current exhibits which boast the intriguing Darwin & Dinosaurs. Find a plethora of neat exhibits, including colossal sized full and partial Dinosaur casts, including an albertosaurus. For those who enjoy a good game, be sure to head upstairs to the second floor for an exciting game of Hungry Birds. Also, be sure to head over to the Marie Putnam - Discovery Room ideal for young adventurers with spaces to crawl through a cave, check out a settler's cabin, and enjoy books with a selection of fun puzzles. Also, on the second floor are abundant artifacts and droves of information on Charles Darwin’s life as well as the opportunity to hang out for five short films on evolution. One of the best parts of this museum is that the exhibits are constantly changing. So if you’ve visited in the past, not too recently, be sure to check out the new displays and exhibits. The museum is preparing for it’s transition to its new semi-permanent exhibition ‘The Way Out West,’ which will be coming in the latter portion of 2020. This extraordinary stop is ideal for all ages to enjoy, so get ready to have some fun!

          Find the Museum of Idaho, located at 200 N. Eastern Avenue in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The cost of admission is around $12 for adults, Seniors (62+) $11, Youth (4-17) $10, College (with ID) $10, as well as group discounts. Be sure to check in or call in advance for any rate changes and updates on opening hours and days as the museum is currently renovating.


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