The Frugal Home Shopper- Getting the Best Deal on Boise Real Estate

Are you a frugal home shopper? You may be one of many who are shopping for a Boise home at a bargain price. How can you find the best deal on your dream home in Idaho? The following tips may help.

1. Shop at home first. Check our Boise MLS search and print listings for the best home deals. Make a list of those that interest you, and drive past these properties for a brief visual inspection. Doing your homework first can save time and money.

2. Check out the neighborhood, community, and driving distances. If the area is good, your property will hopefully not depreciate over time. Are stores, shops, banks, and other businesses close by? If not, what are the driving times (and gas costs) for going to work or grocery shopping? Even if you find an affordable home, gas prices may offset a bargain price.

3. Make a list of essential and non-essential home qualities. What must the home have at purchase time? Which features or amenities can be added later? 

4. Are you a do-it-yourself home owner? Can you repair minor problems like leaking pipes or painting out-of-date rooms? Do you know someone who can get you a deal on a new furnace or updated wiring? If so, you may be able to shop for inexpensive properties that require some work.

5. Shop for the best mortgage. Although interest rates tend to be competitive, some banks offer a quarter-percent or half-percent lower interest rate, or no points, for example, to become your property mortgage-holder. As with real estate shopping, check bank rates at home first and make phone calls before setting up appointments to discuss your house purchase.

6. Check to see if property's taxes are paid up. If taxes have not been paid, you may be able to pay the late taxes and obtain a tax lien on the property. If the present owner does pay the taxes later, he or she will also have to pay an interest-based late fee, which means you will earn money on your tax lien. If the owner doesn't pay the taxes, you may become the owner of the property at no additional cost - however, be sure there are no additional liens on the property, or you could owe money to others.

Take time to plan your frugal home purchase and save money.

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