Nail The Final Walkthrough

Of course you're excited, you've done all the work and now you are almost closed on your new home.
A final walkthrough is usually done by buyers a few days before closing to make sure that everything is right with the house they're set to buy. Try as hard as you can to keep from thinking about where the hutch will go or the big screen; this is an important step of home buying that could cost you if overlooked. You will want the first day in your new home to be relaxing and wonderful instead of repairing what you did not see before closing. The final inspection may not be fun, but it can't be forgotten as an integral part of smart home buying.

Everyone has a different way of doing a final walkthrough, but everything must be looked at and tested.
It may have been weeks since you've seen the house. The condition may have changed. Your new home might have been vacant, or problems could have occurred as the previous owners moved out. First off, check that all the agreed upon repairs were completed properly. Also, go through anything that the home inspector suggested to look at. Do a general inspection of each room. Do the doors work? How are the windows? Is the carpet and wall paint looking good? Have the movers caused any damage? Additionally, walk around the outside of the home. Is the landscaping as you expected? How are the sprinklers? Are there unwanted animals on the property? Go into the crawl space, attic, or basement to see that there is not water, pests, or anything that you would not want to be there.

Make sure that the owners left everything that they agreed would remain and that they removed all personal items.
A home seller could have mistakenly taken an item they intended to leave, so be sure to see that everything that was to stay in the home is still there. Anything that is still in the house will be yours and you need to make sure it's working well. Take your time on the final walkthrough and test the heating and air conditioning. Run the sinks and the garbage disposal. Check for leaks. Turn on every light switch. See that every appliance runs correctly. Don't forget to ask for the owners' manuals for each major appliance. The bathroom needs a nice look. Flush the toilet. Check the showers and bathtubs for temperature and pressure. Check the bathtub overflow. Flush the toilet while the shower is on and make sure that it doesn't make the water very hot or cold. Look for mold or water damage here and throughout the house.

Each house has different additions that will need inspection.
You will need to learn how the alarm system works and see that it is functioning properly. If there is an intercom, check it. Make sure that any shelving and staircase railings are firm. Inspect and test the fireplace. Check the outlets and outlet covers. Are the fans in proper order? Do you have all the remotes, especially the garage door opener? Don't forget to see that the garage door closes smoothly also. Check the garage as you do.

There may be more to look at in your new home, but this is a good starting point. Have someone else you know double check your work; it's worth the extra effort. Just because you're so close to the finish line doesn't mean you want to pull up early and pay the price later.

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