Popular Events in Idaho Falls

The city of Idaho Falls continues to draw in the crowds for its many annual fun-filled and entertaining events. Two of these events have taken the lead by popular demand and attract thousands to the event destinations, with many waiting in anticipation for the fun to begin. As Idaho Falls continues to grow, these wonderfully exciting events have also expanded into what many have made into an annual tradition. The most popular event in Idaho Falls that takes first place is the Snake River Landing Fourth of July Celebration and with good reason. The phenomenal Snake River Landing Fourth of July Celebration event is one where memories are often made and definitely one to consider adding to the calendar. The second runner up is unique and goes to the Great Snake River Greenbelt Duck Race, which offers a plethora of entertainment and fun for all.

Snake River Landing Fourth of July Celebration

The city of Idaho Falls boasts an annual event that many enjoy and look forward to each year. This cheerful and lively event is the grand Snake River Landing Fourth of July Celebration that draws many spectators from within the city and many more people from surrounding areas. The event typically includes a collaboration of Idaho Falls 4th of July Parade, Mountain View Hospital Riverfest Idaho, Riverfest’s Teton Toyota Stage hosting live music and entertainment, the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration, as well as many contributors and vendors, and activity options.

What makes the Snake River Landing Fourth of July Celebration event so special is all the effort that goes into making the overall experience fun for all that come here to participate. The day kicks off with the Idaho Falls 4th of July Parade that consists of a host of entertaining and delightful floats, local leaders, live music as well as a host of community members. During the parade, many are gathered to encourage the community to participate in charitable community service projects such as food collection drives, protecting preserving and enhancing the park system, and other acts of kindness throughout the community and beyond. The Idaho Falls community and its visitors come together in this spectacular event with fun for all to enjoy. 

From the Snake River Landing Fourth of July Celebration, many choose to proceed to the opening of Riverfest, where games and a multitude of entertainment options continue throughout the day and well into the evening hours. Located at the Snake River Landing, where one may discover recreation options that include bounce houses, mechanical bulls, arts, crafts, and various others. In years past, activity options have included helicopter rides, pony rides, as well as entertaining demonstrations. This incredible event wouldn’t be complete without delicious food options complemented by a variety of beverage vendors. Typically in years past, admission has been free and depending on the activity of choice, there may be associated fees that apply. Many choose to stay at this location for the following event, the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration. However, there are many locations throughout the city that you may choose from to enjoy this great show. Some spectators enjoy heading over to the river’s edge to appreciate the fireworks in a serene environment while others decide to stick around to take in the music and cheering of the crowds at the Snake River Landing. The Freedom Symphony plays a variety of patriotic music for those in attendance at the Snake River Landing to enjoy. 

Known as the biggest show west of the Mississippi, the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration consists of a 30 +/- minute fireworks presentation that USA Today made mention of as one of the best fireworks shows in the states. This event is also presented at the Snake River Landing alongside the riverfront, though it may be enjoyed from various locations throughout the city. As the day comes to a close and the evening sky begins to darken, many wait in anticipation of this impressive display to light up the night’s sky. The dramatic fireworks display begins with delightful smaller fireworks, almost as though it were a piece of art in the sky and ends with an extraordinary grand finale that makes for an overall memorable experience. 

Great Snake River Greenbelt Duck Race 

The Great Snake River Greenbelt Duck Race is not only entertaining, but it also presents the opportunity to participate in a greater community cause. The race is hosted by the local Idaho Falls Rotary Club to ultimately benefit the continued enjoyment, maintenance, and continued growth of the Idaho Falls River Walk that makes its way alongside the delightful Snake River waters. The event has grown over the years to become the second most popular event in the Idaho Falls area. Proceeds contribute to projects that include the renovation of the Japanese Friendship Garden, restrooms on the River Walk, as well as helpful signage, an overlook, park, a running path, and a garden, to name a few. 

In years past, this multi-day event starts with the classic car and truck show at the Snake River Landing. Also, find opportunities to check out the speedboat races near Keefers Island. The fun doesn’t stop there. This event has also been known to host military and helicopter displays, kids activities, the ping-pong ball drop, craft booths, and the much-anticipated duck drop. 

Many choose to participate in the race by adopting a duck (little rubber ducky) at one of the sponsor locations or online. Then participants take their chances at winning if their duck happens to make it down the river the fastest or in time to take a placement for one of the many prizes that are offered. Prizes that have included golf passes, gift certificates, paintings, gas cards, or the grand prize which has been known to catch the attention of many as in years past has included items such as a vehicle. Enjoying this wonderfully exciting event doesn’t mean you have to rush out to purchase a duck to appreciate this event. Many spectators take delight in checking out the duck drop, which calls for the little rubber duckies being released by the thousands from a dump truck bed as they plunge into the Snake River waters below. From there the duckies make their way down a designated section of the river waters, so as not to get away, then over the falls in a spectacular display and across to the finish line where the ducks are collected in an orderly fashion. 






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