Preparing for Summer Fun in Idaho!

Idaho can actually be busier in the summer than in the winter with so many people clamoring to try out the skiing slopes of the Idaho mountains. However, this does not mean that when summer comes, Idaho is a barren wasteland because it is lacking in snow. There are still plentiful things to do when the weather is warm, and the sun is shining down on all within Idaho’s borders. Sure, skiing is impossible with all of the snow melted away, but skiing is not the only activity that can be claimed by Idaho. There are a hundred other things that you can do in the summer which might not actually be possible in the winter. Some of them will be obvious and you might already be planning on participating in them this summer, but others are only possible in Idaho and might not be on your radar. Consider Idaho as your next vacation spot for the summer and, if you are an Idaho resident without a working knowledge of what there is to do in your home state, get ready for a summer of fun in the sun.

One of the things you do not usually get a chance to do much of when it is winter in Idaho is hiking. Hiking is not impossible in the winter. If you put a snowshoe on your boot and do the same for your other leg, you can pretty much go anywhere you want in the winter as long as you are willing to work harder and be colder. There are certain parts of Idaho that will be closed off because the snow is just too deep and difficult to navigate, but that is not the case for the majority of places. However, summer is definitely a much better time of year for hiking in Idaho. You do not have to fight against snow and the land comes alive in more color. Really, hiking in the summer looks nothing like hiking in the winter at all. The entire landscape changes and the whole world looks different. There are numerous places across Idaho with excellent trails for hiking, as well as other trail activities that we might get to later. Just make sure to bring some water with you so you can keep from getting dehydrated. Idaho is not the hottest place in the summer, but it can still get pretty toasty. The best hiking I would recommend to you would be in McCall or around Bogus Basin, both of which are in close proximity to the Treasure Valley and the population center of Boise.

Idaho is also really popular for dirt biking, along with other motorized sports that put you on a quick vehicle that is all-terrain. Dirt biking, in particular, is pretty popular and there are many families that live in Idaho which might own three or four dirt bikes. There is a lot of land around Idaho that is excellent for jumping on a bike and doing some motoring around. You get ups and downs to do ramps and other maneuvers off of and there is all kind of unique terrain to travel over. Of course, dirt biking is something that is not for those with faint hearts and takes some getting used to. It is not like driving a car or riding a regular old bike. It can be pretty hard to control dirt bike, especially if you put it up against more difficult terrain. It is going to take some practice before you are ready to get in there and do some jumping around and there are probably going to be a few times where you fall of the bike and get a little banged up. It is just how the process works. Take your time, find someone to help you along the way, and eventually, you will be a pro. Okay, maybe not a pro, but you will be pretty good, and you will be able to have a lot of fun on your bike. The Idaho landscape is ideal for this kind of sport and you will not regret taking the time to get invested in it.

But fun in the sun should usually involve some amount of water. When the heat is coming down and it just feels like you are going to die of heat exhaustion, you absolutely need some of that cool mountain water running over your body. This is one of the reasons white water rafting is so popular in Idaho. What exactly does white water rafting look like? Basically, a bunch of people get together on a giant raft and try to navigate over a series of rapids. These rapids might just be a few rocks in a fast moving current or they might be the entrance to hell itself with sharp rocks sticking out at every angle and a river that pushes relentlessly through them. There are quite a few organizations in Idaho that will take you out for this kind of excursion if it is your first time and you just want a taste of what white water rafting is like. They will give you a guide, the gear you need, and a good stretch of river to go down. Of course, if you do find you have a liking for the sport, you can take it further and start doing your own excursions downriver. This is a bit harder than taking a kayak through some white water, but it is doable, and you might be able to find some people who share your interests and want to go with you. There is nothing quite as exhilarating as careening down a long and bubbling river. Sure, it is dangerous and requires some skill to be developed, but there is an enormous amount of fun to be had. Even better, all the while there is going to be water splashing to keep you cool.

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