Quick and Easy Home Maintenance


It’s fun to get a new home, and it’s also fun to have a home to call your own for a lifetime. Your home is part of your heart, and as such a vital vessel in your life, proper maintenance is crucial. Keeping up with home maintenance is so much easier than putting it all off, and when you put it off you could possibly be ignoring a problem that lies under the surface. To avoid any headaches in your future due to something preventable happening in your home, here are a number of tips to keep you on top of your home maintenance responsibilities:


*Bedrooms are pretty easy to stay on top of as long as you keep the carpets clean and the windows nice and tight. It’s important in each room of your home, including the bedrooms in your home, to make sure that the windows are all properly caulked and that none of the caulking is in need of repair. Failing to repair the caulking in your windows could cause a draft in your home, causing colds and high energy bills.

Laundry Room/The Room Containing Your Washer and Dryer

*Wherever your washer and dryer may be in your home, be sure to inspect the two machines for any damage. Each year you should take a look at your washer’s pipes as well as its hoses to make sure there is no damage that could cause water to leak. Check your dryer for any damage, and also be sure to always clear out its lint trap after drying your clothes, as to prevent a fire in your home.

*Each year, vacuum out the exhaust duct in the dryer in your home. If you have a plastic exhaust duct, it should be replaced. If you have a metal one, it can be vacuumed and reused until it is no longer serviceable.


*There is always plenty to check in the bathroom. First, check your toilets. Check to see if it’s having any trouble flushing, or if it’s leaking or anything. Inspect the chain as well as the entire tank. Also check the area around the toilet and the caulking on the seat. If your toilet is giving you any problems, don’t put it off. Find out what is going on and fix it, or have someone else come in and help you with it.

*Another area in your bathroom to check is your sink. Is the faucet leaking? If it is, you may need to change the washer.

*Next, your tub. Many people overlook the showerhead, but it is important to change out your showerhead every six to eight months at least. Due to the humidity in your bathroom, particularly in the shower, bacteria hides away in your shower like an infestation. Water sits in there after your shower and bacteria grows.

*Check the areas around your sink, tub, and toilet. Check to see if the caulking needs to be done.


*It’s important to make sure your garage doors are working properly at all times. Every so often throughout the month, test out your garage door opener and see if everything is in working order.


*Check your fridge and keep it fresh. Did you know that keeping your fridge as full as possible actually helps it stay alive, rather than making it work harder to cool fewer items? Each year, you should vacuum the coils under your fridge. Also, be sure your fridge’s door is sealing shut when you close it. A good test for this is to put a dollar bit in between your fridge and the door. Close it, and see what happens. Did it stay? If it did, you’re good to go. If not, you may want to get new seals.

*Every month, give your garbage disposal a nice, good clean. You can do this through putting vinegar in an ice tray and allowing it to freeze. Once frozen, drop the cubes into the garbage disposal and let it run.

Other/All Rooms

*Replace your furnace’s filters quarterly. Check your furnace and make sure it’s in working order and that it’s in ship shape.

*Be sure to have your fireplace cleaned annually, and give it a check up to make sure everything is okay in it as well.

*Throughout your entire home, check your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms regularly. Change out the batteries annually and test the alarms at least once a month.

*At least once a year, clean out your water heater and let the water drain out before you do so.

*To avoid high repainting fees, keep paint you have left over from your paint jobs around the house. This way, you can touch up the spots that get scuffed up throughout the time you are living there without needing to repaint an entire wall or room. Consider buying extra cans when you prepare for a paint job, as to prepare for the future.

*As you see loose knobs and furniture pieces, tighten them right away. Don’t put it off. It’s much easier to fix these little tasks as they come, rather than all at once.

By following these simple tips to home maintenance, you will find yourself saving money and time as you enjoy living in your home.






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