Remodeling in the Year 2017


The number of homeowners in 2017 who have decided to remodel or renovate their homes is quite high. There are many reasons for this jump, but most of them have to do with a positive uptick in the economy. Compared to 2010, and even last year, homeowners are becoming increasingly more comfortable with the status of their jobs and finances. This leads to higher confidence to branch out and upgrade many areas of life- including home improvements. Plus, most home improvements that are completed properly can be rolled into a higher selling cost when the homeowner is ready to sell.

This year could be one of the best years to get started on refinishing floors and upgrading appliances because the remodeling business is at the beginning of a boom. Waiting too much longer to get started could mean that costs will go up due to a higher demand for skilled laborers, companies may see a need to raise material costs, and many other people looking to fix up their homes who are now also feeling financially stable enough to pay for upgrades. Obtaining loans to assist with remodels are still in a reasonable range, but due to the spike in interest for remodeling, it’s possible that this trend will continue for a few years, thus pushing interest rates. Talk to the bank now to get rates solidified before interest rates increase.

There are many different ways that have become popular in renovations. For example, mixing patterns is a trend that is on the up and up. Many homeowners want an eclectic look for their home and one cool way to do this is by mixing and matching different heights, lengths, and styles of patterns. One example of a room that can benefit from mixing patterns is the bathroom. Retiling the shower with a subway tile and using a smaller patterned tile. This offers a variation that catches the eye and, if done correctly, can make the room look much more luxurious, modern, and well put together than before the remodel. Textures can be used to turn a room into a more relaxing place or can add energy to a space. It all depends on how they are used.

Faux materials and finishes allow homeowners to feel that they are ensconced in luxurious materials when, in fact, they are on a budget. Thanks to technology, there are many high quality “knock offs” that can stand the test of time and still look fabulous without the wallet taking a major hit. Things such as faux cross beams are popular this year due to the architectural intrigue they can add to a room. Using a faux beam that has been treated can add a degree of design without being overly difficult to care for- primarily because the wood treatments available today allow for less chance of wood rot, mold, and other problems that come with using real, untreated wood. Similarly, there are countertop choices that can work in similar ways to the more durable and heat resistant options including granite. Many of the “faux” countertops are a fraction of the cost but still offer the look, feel, and some of the properties of granite but can be more easily afforded by many remodelers.

Built-in cabinetry and shelving units are becoming more and more “in”. This is a positive trend because it not only allows for interesting focal design work on the units being built, but it also allows for more storage space that isn’t an eyesore. Woodworkers love to create intricate designs for these unique pieces and many homeowners are looking to put a special touch on their homes during a remodel.

For homeowners who enjoy the occasional drink, built-in bars are all the rage. Or, for those who are less interested in alcoholic beverages but still like to enjoy a soda pop still get a lot of use out of a wet bar. Some homeowners take this a step further and put in home theaters, thus turning their mini bar into a multipurpose snack shack with a popcorn machine or microwave.

The year 2016 brought with it the minimalist styles, so 2017 is unrolling many unique solutions to opening up small spaces. From built-in tracks that allow for spaces to transform, (ie murphy beds that fold up in order to allow space for a sofa, desks that can be lifted up to allow for drawer and closet space) to multifunctional appliances (ie sinks with cutting boards that fit over the sink to allow for countertop space), modern day space savers have many options to allow for everything to have its space without taking up too much space.

When it comes to renovating, upgrading, and remodeling a home, this year seems to have it all. Many cool ideas are circulating, construction companies are gearing up to work, and even financing seems to be at the lowest point it’ll be for a while. So, when looking at the kitchen that’s stuck in the ‘60’s, keep in mind that a more modern and efficient kitchen could be waiting right around the corner. All it takes is some planning, a bit of work, and a whole lot of creativity.


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