Renovations That Just Aren’t Worth It


Working on a project or two around your house can be a really fun experience, especially if you have been saving up for it. However, before starting on a new project, you should first find out exactly how much it will cost and weigh its benefits and costs. A lot of people tend to want to fix up something new in their home, like an extra room or a fixture that adds a little extra personality to their house, but many people fail to think of the practicality and cost of such renovations. While there are many renovations worth doing, there are many other that just aren’t worth the money you have to spend to create them.

Creating Something out of Your Attic

Fixing up a rickety old attic seems like an exciting idea. There are so many possibilities!

You can make a home library or even an extra room. Well, maybe, and if you did, it would come at a cost. Attics are one of the most expensive renovations to take on compared to their functionality. Many people think that it would be a great idea to add that bonus room upstairs or do something creative with their storage space, but in reality, attics are too small. Even the most spacious of attics are little and are often not sturdy enough to hold a person. To make your attic sturdy, you have to add onto it. You also may have to lower the ceiling to avoid issues with the ducts on the roof, and how are you getting up there? A new staircase would need to be created for this upper-level room to ensure it’s safe and passes regulations. It's also difficult to keep attics at the right temperature. Typically people spend upwards of $35,000 on renovating their attic, and then they don’t end up using it much because it makes them feel claustrophobic.

Making Your Basement a Game Room

Basements are another common renovation mistake in regards to how much money you need to pour into it. Seeing that big space downstairs is tempting, and it’s easy to get carried away in grandiose ideas. However, making a dusty, cob-web-ridden basement with unsteady beams and rodent infestations into a high functioning game room or bonus room is no small feat. Many people plan on renovating their basement but end up realizing that it’s too much buck for the bang (when renovations should be the other way around). The issues of dampness comes into play too. Mold could be growing on your walls, or inside your walls, and you may not realize it down there. You will need to get that situation taken care of before furthering your revamping process. After adding up how much it would cost to exterminate, clean, replace, and fix, the renovation of a basement just simply might not be worth it.

Bathroom Remodels

Bathrooms are meant to be functional, not for looks. Some people tend to get carried away on the embellishments in a bathroom, such as a clawed tub and a vanity table, that they forget what is actually important about the bathroom: working cabinets, drawers, and showers. It’s okay to make your bathroom look pretty, but don’t strip its functionality away in the process. This is usually what bathroom renovations are like: a lot of money going into things that make activities like getting ready and putting away toiletries more difficult. Remember to weigh your options before starting a project.

Kitchen Tools that are Built into the Wall

There are many homes with built-in can openers. Practical, right? Well, yes, but then they can get carried away and add more to the built-in collection. People start putting built-in beer keg couplers in their homes for parties, but how practical is this? For a bar, yes, definitely. For a home? Not so much. Before adding a built-in gadget to your home, think “How often am I going to use this?” and “Is this practical?”

Underground Pools

Putting a pool in your background seems like a pretty reasonable addition to your home, but it really depends. How often do you swim as is? How often do you plan on using the swimming pool? Think really hard about that. Take your daily routines into account and think about who you could invite to swim, and what you could do with that pool. If you still think that adding this renovation would add to your home and be worth the cost, then feel free to follow through with the project. However, many people don’t realize how much it really is to put in an underground pool, and if they do know how much it will be, it’s easy to justify by thinking that they’ll swim in it a lot. This isn’t always the case, though, even if we have good intentions. It’s best to be practical and save that money for something that could really be of use to us. On top of this, if you plan on selling your home, there are some potential buyers who may turn down the offer because of the pool. A lot of people think pools are dangerous.

Renovating your home is fun, so saving your money for the projects that will be most enjoyable and cost effective to you in the long run is the way to go.


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