Tearing Up Idaho’s Snowmobiling Trails

Snowmobile Racing

Idaho is one of the northernmost states in the United States and is nestled in the heart of the magnificent Rocky Mountains. This quality makes Idaho real estate some of the most exciting and beautiful places to live, with hot, sunny summers and chilly, winter wonderlands. The diversity of recreation available to buyers of Idaho real estate is incredible. In the summer, river rafting, biking, and camping make up only a small portion of the vast activities available. In the winter Idahoans enjoy skiing, sledding, and snowmobiling. 

One of Idaho’s most treasured recreation opportunities is snowmobiling. Idaho is ranked among the best snowmobiling destinations in the Northwest, and sports over 7,200 miles of snowmobiling trails, all within hours, and sometimes even minutes, of Idaho real estate. These trails are regularly maintained by Idaho’s private and public landowners and offer avenues to Idaho’s breathtaking scenery. Additionally, the trails are so extensive that you will likely be riding on fresh, untouched powder. If you enjoy adventure just outside your back door, Idaho real estate is the best option to consider.

What if I Have Never Used a Snowmobile?

It would be foolish to think that every Idahoan is a weathered snowmobiling expert. Because of this, Idaho snowmobiling programs offer guides and training to help you have your best experience. These programs ensure that you have the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about getting lost or hurt in the process. Additionally, there are rental machines, so that if you do not own a machine you can still go without making a large investment. After registering with the local county you are free to hit the trails.

Basic Safety

As with every outdoor sport, basic safety is a must. Idaho’s Parks and Recreation offer courses and tips for safety. Some of their advice is to let someone know where you are going, travel with a friend, keep right on the trails, carry adequate equipment, such as shovels, reflector mirrors, and high energy food, and be familiar with your machine. If you are a beginner, take lots of short trips before embarking on a longer one. If you adhere to the basic safety rules you are ensured the trip of a lifetime in Idaho’s finest backcountry.

Where to Go

As aforementioned, Idaho has over 7,200 miles of trails. This is because they are spread across the entire state, and available from almost all Idaho real estate. Snowmobiling locations are common in resort towns such as McCall, Sun Valley, and Coeur d’Alene, which give you the opportunity to enjoy a day full of adventure and are within a few hours travel from Idaho’s largest cities. If you enjoy extended trips, over the course of many days, pack your shovel, tent, and food, let someone know where you are going, and ship out on the longer trails. These trails are often connected to small towns or guest ranches where you can refuel and spend an evening around the fire. If a multiday trip is not for you, drive up into Boise’s foothills for an afternoon of fun. With a season that extends from November to April, or as long as the snow lasts, your snowmobiling pleasure is nearly unlimited. If you enjoy the thrill of adventure in beautiful wilderness or are eager to try it out, Idaho is the place for you.

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