Ashton - Island Park Campgrounds

Ashton - Island Park Campgrounds

Box Canyon Campground 

Box Canyon Campground is situated on the Snake River Canyon Rim that boasts incredible scenic views from along the nearby trail. Arriving at this location presents sixteen single sites, two double sites each with a tent/camper pad, fire rings w/grills, picnic tables, and bear-proof disposal containers for garbage.

During the warmer months, the campground is blanketed in area greenery including Douglas-fir and lodgepole pine. Beautiful and quiet, the mostly private campsites are ideal for taking in the tranquil surroundings. The soaring high trees provide relief and shade from the summer sun. There are currently no atvs allowed in the campground which adds to the overall quiet atmosphere.

From the campground find great access to the river if you don't mind a climb which opens the opportunities for waterside relaxation and fishing.

Beautiful hiking trails embellished with area birdlife, little creatures, and shrubbery that flatters the surrounding ground cover creating a surrealistic environment ideal for birding opportunities. Moss-covered rocks greet the trees lining the trail leading to the canyon weave with vines spotted with dainty berries; appetizing for the avid berry gatherer. Choosing to select Box Canyon Campground may be precisely the occasion you’ve sought after for a suitable vacation blending seclusion, nature, and remarkable topography.

Check out multiple short trails that split off the Box Canyon Trail to various spots along Henry’s Fork allowing adventurers an open door to world-renowned fishing opportunities surrounded by nature. Therewith, Rosie’s waterfall observation point may be a point of interest for those who enjoy area exploration. At a mere 4.1 miles from Box Canyon Campground journeying to Rosie’s Waterfall Observation Point makes for a rewarding morning hike. Pack in the binoculars for a close-up, or perhaps the camera. Additionally, taking along a list of local birdlife may assist with birding activities.

It just so happens that the Box Canyon is also popular for canoeing, kayaking, and rafting for those who enjoy getting on the water. This stretch of the water though does not present white water does present technicals in the form of class 2 rapids. From the boat launch to the last chance takeout typically runs adventurers for about 2 hours. Water enthusiasts may also enjoy opportunities to catch a glimpse of a stunning osprey fishing for its afternoon lunch.

Henry’s Fork is best known for its large rainbow trout. Having the proper licensing and being aware of any restrictions, designated areas, and fishing rules before heading out the door is critical for successful and enjoyable outcomes. Island Park Reservoir is another delightful destination that visitors to the area may consider checking out. World-renowned fishing goes to the sizable cutthroat trout and rainbow trout that are commonly found in the waters. Also on the order, fishing enthusiasts might take a chance at catching a coho salmon, bluegill, or yellow perch.

Island Park opens the doors to outdoor adventurers with activity opportunities that include scenic byways, historical landmarks, water sports, winter sports, area trails, hot springs, waterfalls, state parks, and ATV/ohv trails.

Regional destinations include Mesa Falls scenic byway, 110 foot Upper Mesa Falls and 85 foot Lower Mesa Falls, Henry’s Lake State Park, and a bit further on Yellowstone National Park’s west entrance.

During winter months having someone check on your home while you out of town may help minimize emergency scenarios and helps everyone stay in contact.

Upper Coffee Pot Campground 

Gather a sense of renewed energy while enjoying a weekend with Upper Coffee Pot Campground as your home base away from home. Located 2 miles off the main thoroughfare, at an elevation of 6,400 feet, the Upper Coffee Pot Campground location rests peacefully alongside the waters of Henry’s Fork of the Snake River. Emersed with lodgepole pine, the campsites are beautifully surrounded by nature in a picture-perfect setting.

From the campground patrons may enjoy heading over to the Coffeepot Rapids Trailhead which runs along the stunning river waters. Fishing, birding, nature hikes, kayaking, canoeing, photography, tubing & floating the river, and hanging out at camp are all outdoor activity opportunities that might be entertained while visiting Upper Coffee Pot Campground.

The charming rolling hills encompass 14 single campsites each boasts a picnic table, fire pit and grill, and a flat pad ideal for tent camping. There are a few electricity site options.

Area wildlife consists of fascinating animals such as wolves, bears, foxes, elk, deer, moose, and an array of birdlife. Eagles, ospreys, falcon, cranes, and owls are a few common birdlife sightings in the region.

The secluded camp becomes quite popular come the warmer months and is commonly fully booked well in advance. Rules and regulations for the campsite are posted.

Regional Trails Include:

BPA Line Trail (031) 

The BPA Line Trail (031) is a wide ATV that begins at Road 321D and ends at Road 909, and makes its way through the Teton Valley. The western portion of the trail provides access to merging trails including Woods Canyon Trail (047), Upper Palisades Road (253), and Powerline trail (321), for a full looping experience of a total of around 17 miles. Be sure to grab a map before heading out.

Buttermilk Campground -

Settled within miles from the West Entrance to Yellowstone National Park sits Buttermilk Campground. Entering the Buttermilk Campground travelers are welcomed by two loops with 55 single sites surrounded by wildflowers and meadows beaming with greenery and wildlife. Paved roads bring campers to gravel parking spurs with boat ramps and docks within the grounds. Home to the Henry’s Fork Caldera and the much larger Island Park Caldera, this area was originally formed by volcanic activity making for rich soil and dramatic land formations. Fascinating waterfalls, hot springs, mountain peaks, lush valleys, crystal clear waters in creeks and streams, groves, meadows, and impressive mountain peaks.

Complimenting the remote and impressive terrain, the wildlife that call this region home are nothing short of remarkable. From moose, to elk, deer, bear, coyote and many more. Osprey, pelicans, herons, the Bald Eagle, hawks, and falcons. Please do not feed the animals.

The fishing at Henry’s Fork is infamous for opportunities for catching trout. Hunting big game within the designated area also brings folks to the area.

Bringing a shovel to help smother a campfire with dirt may become a helpful tool to have available. If you plan on dispersed camping, having a shovel may be a requirement depending on the chosen area. Be sure to check the forest district rules and regulations and come prepared.

Don’t forget to bring lights, camp chairs, inclimate weather clothing, waterproof wear and bagging, and toilet paper.

Regional Trails Include:

Blacktail Creek Trail (228)

The Blacktail Creek Trail (228) runs a total distance of 1.6 miles. Black diamond rated this strenuous ascent brags thick vegetation with multiple water crossings, a well-marked trail, rough rocky sections, and overgrown brush. Surrounded by soaring pines, wildflowers, and greenery galore this area makes for quite a pleasant day exploring the area. Beginning at Trail 226 and ending at Trail 077 there are options to connect with South Fork Canyon Creek or Piney Peak. Area hotspots include Temple Peak, Red Butte, Garns Mountain, Prospect Peak, Monument Peak, Squirrel Mountain, Red Mountain, and Henderson Peak.

Buffalo Campground 

Located around 26 miles from the Island Park area the Buffalo Campground is situated at 6,200 feet and boasts pleasant scenery decked in vibrant emerald greens along the banks of the Buffalo River. Find 117 single unit sites, 4 double sites, and 1 group site with a mix of partial to low shade options.

Nestled adjacent to the Buffalo River, the Buffalo Camp is popular among outdoor enthusiasts. Folks travel from across the world to visit Yellowstone National Park as well as take time to enjoy the wealth of activity opportunities in the greater general vicinity. During the warmer months, the area is packed with folks enjoying an array of outdoor activities. If planning on going canoeing don’t forget paddles. When winter arrives the landscapes are decked in snow and become a haven for snow sports and cabin retreats. NO ATV/ohv vehicles are not allowed within the campsite.

Area attractions include Upper and Lower Mesa Falls, Henry’s Fork, Harriman State Park, Mesa Falls Scenic Byway, Island Park Reservoir, and Big Springs. The west entrance to Yellowstone sits about 26 miles from this location.

Getting gasoline in larger cities might help lower the cost of travel as the gasoline prices are typically lower. Consider weekend closures for smaller town shops, services and specialty stores.

Regional Trail Includes:

Big Hole Crest Trail 

Located in the beautiful region of Island Park, Idaho the Big Hole Crest Trail is ideally situated for prime relaxation within the dense greenery along the banks of Buffalo River.

A favorite among floaters, the shallow river is an excellent opportunity for getting out on the water or fishing. Summer months bring about abundant aspen and lodgepole pine tree life in addition to a sweeping blanket of greenery mixed with wildflowers for a spectacular presentation. ?

Regional outdoor recreation has been known to include fly fishing, biking, hiking, waterside enjoyment, nonmotorized boating, canoeing historic sites, horseback riding, hunting, kayaking, mountain biking, photography opportunities, picnicking, star gazing, wildlife viewing, birding, trail, and area exploration. A fishing dock is located at the east end of the campground.

Please keep in mind that no atv/ohv’s are allowed within the campground.

Two miles to the west sits Island Park Reservoir ideal for boating, fishing, and water enjoyment.

Remember to inform a reliable person, or multiple contacts about the specifics of any travel plans to help avoid unnecessary emergencies especially when leaving behind pets. This can be essential when pet doors are available to animals that can get locked outdoors in inclement weather.

Flatrock Campground -

Located near the city of Island Park, Idaho within the Caribou-Targhee National Forest and boasts 38 fine and well-kept sites with tent camping allowed. Situated relatively close to one of the largest national parks in the western U.S. with the longest rv reported as 34 feet long (Class A). The elevation of this location seated at 6,430 feet above sea level.

During the warmer months please keep in mind that this campground becomes quite popular which may reduce the tranquil and quietness of the area when all the campsites become occupied with patrons. Tent camping is accommodated at this location. Sites 19-23 are safe for larger vehicles.

Open tree-shaded spaces create an escape from the summer sun and restful aromas coming from dinner over the evening campfire set the tone welcoming the night starry sky. Bring a smoke box filled with your favorite savory wood type for the extra added touch to enhance the sensory experience while making camp feel a little more like a home away from home.

If keeping camp tidy takes priority in the kitchen, consider searching out information about a kitchen box. This nifty doodad makes for the ideal addition to the arsenal, especially when complemented with the bear box feature. Typically kitchen boxes feature a variety of options including individual orderly compartments securely closed with the versatile organization.

Beautifully chromatic with serene open spaces, elegantly empty clear blue skies, and gloriously timbered spaces welcome travelers to this wonderfully unique location.

Remember to do a final walk through at home to turn off lights, set the thermostat to the air conditioning or heat to a preferred setting, locking doors, and checking the stove and oven are turned off.

McCrea Bridge Campground 

A boat launch/landing is available within the campground. There are motor-free zones ideal for non-motorized watercraft. Situated at 6,200 feet above sea level the McCrea Bridge Campground is certainly the way to go if considering a stay in the Island Park area and searching for riverside destinations. The McCrea Bridge Campground is nestled alongside the north end of the beautiful Island Park Reservoir in Island Park, Idaho.

ATVs and OHV use are quite common within the area, though are not allowed within the campground. Please keep in mind that the water is typically cold or very cold. Bring the appropriate gear for any preferred outdoor activities and of course, be safe. Common area outdoor activities consist of non-motorized boating, fishing, hiking, swimming, nature trails, and horseback riding to name a few.

Gravel pads are provided for tent camping, along with fire rings, and picnic tables. Bear boxes have been reported on site.

There’s plenty to do for everyone to enjoy in and around the campground and regional destinations.

Don’t forget to plan ahead for meals. Bringing along the fixings ideal for adding to the catch of the day might also be a consideration if fishing is in the plans. Butter, salt, pepper, lemon, and onion might be a consideration for that extra added touch for a savory fresh catch cooked over the campfire.

Riverside Campground 

Situated along the banks of the Henry’s Fork River sits the 57 single-site Riverside Campground. The Riverside Campground sits at an elevation of 6,200 feet and accommodates tent camping, trailers, and RVs. Each campsite boasts a fire ring & grill, picnic table, with some sites offering a raised bbq.

Area recreation has been known to include rafting, canoeing, horseback riding, water sports, hiking, mountain biking, ohv / ATV trails, picnicking, birding, nature trails, wildlife viewing, kayaking, and equestrian trails all waiting to be enjoyed.

Planning to have someone pick up any packages delivered to the door while you're away can help reduce stress. Like setting up home security cameras that are visible from a device taken on the road can help manage home needs while away, though accounting for reduced or no cellular and internet capabilities might be a consideration to account for.

Upper Coffeepot Campground -

Home to 13 single pad sites, 1 double unit, and 1 group site with picnic table and firepits as well as a few campsites offer the option of power hook up and others with partial shade. There is a dumpsite within the grounds. No atvs or ohvs allowed in the campground. The campground sits ideally alongside Henry's Fork of the Snake River; notorious for fishing opportunities surrounded by forest pine.

A loadout box may be a consideration for the next road trip. Combined with the dry box features consist of compartments ideal for the maximum organization while helping maintain a consistent inventory of supplies. A few boxes offer the addition of air-sealed-waterproof options and others might include a reduced scent-bear box. Keeping an extra backup supply of necessary medications could help reduce stress if presented with unforeseen circumstances that prevent travel as planned.

Deer and elk in the road, or crossing the road, are always a consideration. Drive safely and stay alert of surrounding obstacles that may present themselves. It is always nice to keep a generous distance between vehicles, especially motorcycles when on the road. Don’t forget the sunscreen. Sunscreen especially when in the snow is one thing that goes often forgotten!

Warm River Campground -

Warm River Campground is ideally situated within the beautiful forested lands of the Caribou-Targhee National Forest of southwestern Idaho. Situated alongside the pleasant waters of the Warm River at 5,200 feet, the Warm River waters boast excellent fishing opportunities for rainbow trout and cutthroat trout. Discover several site options at the Warm River Campground including single non-electric sites, tent non-electric sites, group standard non-electric sites, and standard electric site options.

Recreation might include fishing, hiking, nature treks, tubing, rafting, horseback riding, water sports, mountain biking, photography, and birding to name a few.

Idaho is home to over 30 scenic byways, 60 wineries, 70 breweries, 130 hot springs, 3,000 miles of class whitewater, and 30,000 miles of hiking, biking, and backpacking trail waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. Where will you start first? Perhaps check out regional area trails... Ready to learn more about the area?

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