The Beginners Guide to Home Automation

The future is now, you just might not know it yet. For those of us who watched and loved movies like Back to the Future, it has been pretty hard going without a hoverboard or flying car for so long. However, there are new and exciting innovations in technology coming out every day and you can have as much access to them as you like. Convenience, security, and entertainment can all be secured with relative ease through the modern technology that is coming on to the market in large numbers for your consumption. Security is not much of a problem for people who live in Idaho since the residents of the state are generally good people (Though not to a person. There are certainly some bad eggs in Idaho and you want to be on the watch for them) and most people have the entertainment covered, be convenience can be a bit of a difficult thing. Enter the concept of home automation. More and more, people are looking for ways to automate their homes to do certain things for them, but it is not always clear what there is to do to turn your home into a place that will perform tasks for you without causing you much trouble. Allow me to remedy this situation by giving you some insight into what you can do to start automating your home.

I do not know about you, but the first thing I think of when I imagine an automated home is a large mechanical contraption that delivers eggs, toast, bacon, and orange juice to your breakfast plate. This contraption is infinitely complex, defies the laws of physics, and frequently breaks down so that the eggs are flung at you instead and the toast is burnt. Only a mad scientist is really capable of such a thing it never really works out for them. However, this is not at all what I am talking about when I mention home automation. For those of you who grown and find yourself disappointed because a robot cannot cook your eggs for you, just hold on for a second. The truth of home automation might be enough to satisfy your need for space-age machinery. You can certainly try out the more complex machines, but you are not going to be able to go into a store and buy something off a shelf (Or order it offline as is more often the case these days). But if you have the skills and knowledge to do something yourself, you should pursue that as much as possible. It can be fun, and you can do some very cool things with your hands and mind.

Because cleaning your home can be so much of a chore and is becoming less and less of a satisfying activity for people, automation for home cleaning has been popular for a very long time. You are probably familiar with some of the gadgets that have been common in the past. It seems like the Roomba has been around for an eternity and has similarly been useless for an eternity when it comes to actually cleaning anything. An automated pool cleaner is also something that has been around for quite a while. Now, while these two machines were not always great at their inception, they have been made to be improved over the last decade or so. There are many different Roomba-style devices that are up to modern standards for vacuum cleaning and pool cleaners can do a lot to make it easier owning and maintaining a pool. However, these are not the only options available to you. There are air filters that can make it so that you do not have to dust as often and there are robots that will clean up after your cat for you. Most of these require at least some work on your part but not in the same quantities as if you did not have robotic or simple scientific help. In fact, since pets are a pretty common problem when it comes to maintaining a home’s cleanliness, there are quite a few machines and products out there that can do a lot to cut down on the mess that they make. Whether you have a dog or a cat, there is something out there to help you in the fight against hair and feces.

What is really popular in the modern-day is a machine that can automate your internet use. You have probably heard about devices like Alexa which are in your home, always listening to your voice to give a command about what you want to do or hear. You can tell it to play music for you (Assuming you have set up a good speaker system to get around the puny device itself (Something as small and purpose-built as Alexa is not going to be great for producing sound)), you can tell it to make a search of the internet for you, and you can give it a number of other commands to help you schedule your day and make things generally easier for yourself. After all, that is what technology is for: making life easier on humans so that they can do other things, either in the branch of innovation or entertainment. Now, you might say that the things that an Alexa (Or the devices like her) does not do much to make life more convenient, but it can surprise you how nice it is to just be hanging around the house and all you need to do is speak to have something happen or to learn something new. You are lounging on the couch and tell the box to play you some music, so it does. Now, an Alexa can be a pretty expensive device, but the functions it performs are not that complicated and there are several alternatives out there. Of course, some of those alternatives are basically garbage and plastic, but there are quite a few brands that will probably be up to what you want and need.


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