Why Land in the Country or City is For You

Looking at property with land for sale?  It’s a great idea for many reasons.  After all, this is Idaho--a farming and ranching state.  Here, unlike other more developed states, there is inexpensive property with land for sale land to satisfy your every need.  Find out how to take advantage of this unique opportunity, no matter what Idaho city you call home.

Land in the City

There is no true “city” in Idaho.  Picture Los Angeles buildings stacked on top of each other, going in every direction, with not a blade of grass to be seen.  Boise residents forget other cities don’t have acreages and farms mixed throughout.  There are urban gardens that allow those that live downtown to make their own food and enjoy some greenery.  And the suburbs make it easy to find a home on a bigger lot in a neighborhood.  Some neighborhoods even feature homes on small acreages.  They can be purchased for little more than buying a home on a tiny lot, if you search right.  Let your Hughes Group realtor know exactly what you want so they can show you homes that fit that your desires.  

There are so many things you can do Idaho homes in the city.  In most places, your neighbor’s house isn’t just a few feet away.  Perhaps, this space to breathe is the best reason for having a bit of land.  But everyone is different, use it suits you best, for an R.V., pond, garden, deck, batting cage, basketball court, pet space, storage, landscaping, and more.  It’s much easier to find out what to do with the space you have, than to do something with room you don’t have.  You will be glad you gave yourself all these options, and with useful additions to the property your home will be worth more when you sell it.

Land in the Country

There is not a sharp distinction between city and country in Idaho, it blends.  Even in Meridian, hundred-acre farms still flourish growing: corn, sugar beets, wheat, or mint.  So, you could farm or ranch there or just a bit farther away from city development.  All the surrounding areas of Boise have a considerable amount of property with land for sale.  If you’re looking for a small town close to Boise, try looking in: Nampa, Caldwell, Kuna, Middleton, Star, Emmett, or Eagle.  If you want to go even smaller, those opportunities are available, especially further west of Boise.  You will want to know what you are going to do with the rural property with land for sale that you buy, as it will greatly affect what type and how much land is best for you.  

You can have a large farm/ranch or just enough room to have a horse or two.  You may just enjoy being a bit away from all the hustle and bustle and not want to do much, besides enjoy the country life.  That’s ok too!  Decide what you what to do with your rural lifestyle and discuss it in detail with your realtor, so they can help you find the perfect property.  Be creative!  Talk to neighbors about what they enjoy about living in the country, and what to watch out for.  Don’t forget to carefully take into account all of the costs you’ll be facing, so you aren’t surprised.

Use startpackingidaho.com’s easy-to-use, innovative home listing search to find property with land for sale that will fit your distinct needs.  You can narrow the search by city, property type, size, and more.  Team up with one of Idaho’s finest realtors, a Hughes Group professional, that will bend over backwards to give you the personalized information about buying land that you need.  Don’t wait until tomorrow--the perfect property could be gone in today’s fast-paced market!

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