The Best of Boise's Greenbelt

You step outside after a long day
at work and take a seat on your back porch. You look out across your back yard, a smooth expanse of green bordered at the far end by a low fence. Beyond the fence are small bushes, over which you can just see the black signature of a paved footpath with several feet of lush ground on either side. Trees stretch for the sky on the opposite side of the path, and their roots plunge into the banks of a rushing river. Over the sounds of the water you can hear the conversations of buoyant ducks and geese, and the occasional chatter of a squirrel. As you rest, people pass by on the trail. You wave cheerfully and even greet some that you recognize. Some run, some bike, and some walk their dogs. But all of them, including yourself, are enjoying the amenities of the Boise River Greenbelt.

There are many Boise houses that border this twenty-two mile park. Contracted in 1964 by the city of Boise, the Greenbelt is the result of a grassroots effort to both recover the health of the Boise River, which at the time was in terrible shape, and to improve Boise communities. Both of these endeavours were quite successful. As a result of the Greenbelt, the Boise River is one of the healthiest intracity rivers in the nation. It is now possible to fish in the heart of downtown Boise and eat the fish you caught without worrying about chemical poisoning. Riverfront property along this trail also contributes to a strong sense of community, and if you would rather not be so close to the river there are numerous Boise houses with easy access to the trail. 


The Greenbelt stretches from Lucky Peak Reservoir to Meridian, with entry and exit spots close to Boise houses in neighborhoods, downtown, and on major roadways throughout the city. This characteristic makes the Greenbelt a city-wide pride and joy. Outdoor enthusiasts can ride the route up to Lucky Peak and enjoy one of the smaller trails up the canyon.  The Greenbelt provides safe, accessible, cleansing recreation for people of all ages, and with marked miles you always know how far from home you have strayed.

Practical Uses

With many in the nation becoming more environmentally conscious these days, many are taking to biking and walking as better alternatives to driving--rising gas prices make us all more aware of how much we're driving as well. If you are one of these, Boise houses on or near the Greenbelt are an excellent option. Not only would you support the institution of the Greenbelt, but you would also have access to an excellent route for alternative transportation. Walking and biking on the Greenbelt is much less stressful than on normal roads, where cars pass within feet of you. And since the Greenbelt connects so much of the city, access to your workplace is likely a given.

While searching for your home, consider the Boise houses on or near the Greenbelt. The atmosphere and convenience of this beautiful, if a bit unusual, park makes it a great place for homeowners of any background. But you're in luck if your neighborhood of choice doesn't border the Greenbelt, you'll still be able to reap the benefits of our beautiful, easy-to-access city wonder.

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