The Coolest New Home Innovations


A person’s home is their castle, as it is said, and with that level of respect comes the need for the coolest and newest home innovations out there. Each year technology and engineering provides us with many new and awesome innovations; which ones do you need in your home in 2017 though? Well, here we have a list of different products that are not necessarily new to homeowners, but they have not necessarily caught on just yet making them still very new and very cutting edge in our current culture.

Smart Tech

Over the past few years, Smart Tech has become the go-to thing in home innovation. Whether it is for entertainment or security or everything in between, Smart Tech will find a way to make your life easier. The purpose behind Smart Tech is to automate the parts of your life to make things simpler. We have listed here a few of the Smart Tech items usually listed when Smart Homes are discussed, with a brief description of what they are, what they do and how they can help your life.

The biggest appeals to Smart Tech are the first the fact that you can automate them, and second that they can usually be controlled by your phone. So, the first example would be smart lights. Smart lights can be controlled by your phone so you don’t have to get up and turn them off. In some cases they may even be programmable making them the ideal morning alarm system or a good deterrent for burglars should you be out of town.

The next candidate for our smart devices is smart climate controls. These things are cool. They allow you to not only set the temperature from you home but also schedule it from there as well. No more fumbling around with the buttons on your old thermostat, with a smart thermostat you can easily program the climate control in your home to match your preferences with ease.

Smart security systems are also becoming very popular in today’s world. There are many products to choose from, including CCTV footage delivered straight to your phone if there is a problem. However, there are also other, less expensive, options. For instance, there are smart locks that you can put on your door to so if you leave the house you can always know if the door is locked or not. Then, of course, if it is unlocked you can use the controls to lock it remotely.

A smart fridge may not have been what you thought of when you thought of smart devices, but these are real and they are cool. The smart fridge is one of the newest things on this list. While there are many other features these things have, the one that a lot of people like is the ability for it to send pictures of the contents of your fridge to your phone. This means that when you are at the store and you can’t remember if you have enough of something, you can have the fridge take a snapshot of the contents of your fridge and text it to you right then and there.

Smart Hubs

While this is still part of the Smart Tech category, smart hubs are the way of the future and they are definitely the way to go if you want to modernize your home. They allow you to link up all the smart devices in your life, including your phone and sometimes your online shopping, so you can control them all from one place. Oh, and did we mention they are voice controlled? Much like Siri on your phone or Cortana on your computer, the Amazon Echo and Google’s Smart Home Hub are a way for you to direct your life with a few simple voice commands.

USB Wall Outlet

While there is only one entry in this category, the USB wall outlet definitely should be on your list! Essentially, it makes it so you can plug your mobile devices into the wall without having to use an adaptor. It is honestly one of those products that we all saw, promptly facepalmed ourselves, and then thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?” They these come in two forms, the best way to do it is to buy a new outlet fixture that has USB ports as a part of the whole apparatus. However, you can also get some covers that simply plug into your existing outlet and acts as a splitter so you will have your normal outlets and then the USB ports as well. These don’t work as well as the previous versions, but they are a viable option for a few dollars less.

The reason you want USB wall outlets is so you can have more freedom with your mobile devices. You will be able to plug in your devices anywhere whether you have the adapter or not— all you need is a cord!


The big fascination for LEDs stems from their efficiency. LEDs are small and they create quite a bit of light with a fraction of the electricity that a normal bulb would need. So right there the LED will save you space by being compact, money by efficiently using electricity and the environment by using less electricity than traditional bulbs. There are many uses for LEDS and we only have time to check out a few of them, but honestly, they can transform your home when used correctly.

LED Strips under cabinets

Above we talked about how LEDs are small, like really small. You see, you can buy little strips of LEDs that give off a ton of light that are only a quarter of an inch thick! Not only that but they are pretty inexpensive too. If you wanted to put some sort of lighting beneath your cabinets (as the title of this section suggests) you can easily buy a couple of feet of these things and install them under your cabinets in less than an hour (depending on the size of the project). With really inexpensive lights and a minimal amount of time, you will have given your kitchen a greater look and greater usability.

LED Track Lights

Lighting you countertops is not the only thing that LED lights are good for, they can also be used in track lighting. Track lighting has become more popular over the last few years and LEDs have only fanned the flames of that popularity. These track lights produce good light that is, again, efficient and that don’t produce a lot of heat. They are also smaller than most track lights and, in most cases, cheaper to replace.

LED Flooring

Now, this is a bit of a more expensive and labor intensive project, but if you want your home to have dance floor style lighting, then you need to look into this. How it works is like this: before the tile or linoleum is put down, you can install metal tracks that run around the floor in whatever design you want the lights to go in. Then you lay the tiles or linoleum down around the tracks that you put down. After the flooring is down, and flush with the tracks, you can put in the light strips and wire them up. Once that is all done you will have an awesome light up LED Floor that will wow all of your guests. (Be sure to have the help of a professional when you proceed with this project as it can be complex and dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.)

So there you have it, the coolest new home innovations you need in your home in 2017. Now, keep in mind, this is not all. There are many more new and cool products that can make your home the envy of the block; you just need to keep searching for them.

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