The North End Attraction

The Historic North End

Boise's North End is full of beautiful real estate. It’s an historic neighborhood, filled with historical architecture, beautiful homes, and a unique urban retail area. Nestled near the Boise Foothills, it offers unparalleled access to nature. It sits as the official “unofficial” mountain and touring biking center of Treasure Valley, because of its proximity to the foothills and Bogus Basin. There are plenty of biking trails to enjoy, and North End is the perfect place to buy a home if you are looking for that blend of nature and urban. But North End holds more than just history and excellent biking trails. It holds all sorts of wonderful attractions to keep you occupied, and makes the perfect community to live in.

Hyde Park

The most prominent attraction North End offers is Hyde Park. This historic retail section of the community boasts unique architecture, and its character is said to rival that of the Niles District in Oakland. Hyde Park is full of culture, entertainment, and good food. There’s always something going on, plus Hyde Park is also the gateway to all of the great biking trails nearby.

It’s also home to the Hyde Park Street Fair, which is a fabulous multiple day event featuring a lot great music and entertainment. This is the heart of North End, and is a part of the National Historic Register. It’s a beautiful place, and one you’ll definitely spend a lot of time at.

Harrison Boulevard

Originally, this well-known street was simply known as 17th Street. However, in 1891, after a visit from President Harrison, who signed the act making Idaho the 43rd state, the City Council voted to rename 17th Street to Harrison Boulevard in honor of the president.

This is a beautiful street, and was made even more so in 1916. Streetlights were added at every intersection, as was a median parkway. The boulevard is lined with trees, and the median is full of color and trees. Beautiful homes, from several periods of Boise’s growth reside on this street. They are varied in architectural style and size, and add to the beauty and uniqueness of the boulevard.

Idaho State Capitol

What historic district would be complete without the Capitol Building of our state’s government? This beautiful building is over a century old, and still stands as the functioning seat of Idaho’s government. It’s been recently restored, and is truly magnificent to behold. How’s that for a neighbor?

Foothills Learning Center

If you want to get outside a bit more, (and let’s be honest, isn’t what why you moved here?) you’ll want to pay a visit to the Foothills Learning Center. It’s in Hull’s Gulch Reserve, and its purpose is education, through interpretive and other learning opportunities, and awareness for the unique desert wild lands. You can learn about the environment, wildlife, and what you can do to help protect and preserve the land.

Anne Frank Memorial

This memorial stands as a testament of what happens when we deny, or fail to act and protect, our humanity and moral standings. This memorial is a reminder for everyone, and for young students in Boise, that we need to protect human rights. It’s located on Capitol Boulevard, between the Boise Public Library and the Log Cabin Literary Center.

The Basque Block

In the late 1800s, many Basques started coming to Boise. They worked in different industries, like sheepherding and mining. The population grew as more came in search of work. Today, the Basque Block is a cultural center for the existing population of Basques still in Boise, and for those interested in learning more about the culture and people.

Living in North End

If you’re looking for Boise real estate that offers a fantastic lifestyle with a mixture of the outdoors and the urban life, you don’t need to look any further than North End. This community is full of history, nature, and cultural attractions and awareness. This is a community full of freethinking people and openness. From biking to dancing, North End has it all, and it’s a great neighborhood. You’ll never run out of fun things to do, and you’ll live in the biggest city in Idaho. Although you might never know, because of the small town feel, and how easy it is to escape into nature.

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