The Room that sells the House

The importance the kitchen has changed
throughout the years. While it used to simply be a room to prepare meals, the kitchen now is a gathering place. In modern homes, the kitchen is connected to the family room, making the kitchen the focal point in the house. As the focal point, the average kitchen has grown to 300 square feet. In these 300 feet, people watch TV, do work, have parties, play games, and spend time with the people they love.

When selling your home the kitchen is the most important room in the house . Most of the time, it’s not the house that is bought but, rather, the kitchen. Efforts that are made in renovating or remodeling your house should begin in the kitchen. If you make small improvements throughout your kitchen, it will increase the likelihood of selling at a higher price exponentially.


The first important step in getting your kitchen ready is renovations. First, make a list of renovations that you think would make the kitchen look better. Some people shy away from renovating their kitchen because it takes work and money. However, it is worth the investment. Studies show that you should ideally earn a 50- 70 percent return investment from your kitchen after selling your house. Be cautious when renovating, though. Do not spend more than 10 percent of your total home value on your kitchen.

When renovating, keep your kitchen in the current style. If you generalize your choices in style, you will have a better chance of finding someone buy your home. In 2013, the current style of a kitchen is to have marble looking countertops and stainless steel appliances. If you can’t afford replacing all appliances, at least make sure that all of your appliances match. And sometimes you don’t have to replace the whole appliance. Sometimes you simply can get a new door for the appliances that needs it. Also, make sure that all the appliances are in working order.

Newly Remodeled KitchenAfter you are done with the appliances, look at the sink. If it’s more than ten years old then time has probably made its mark. Consider replacing the sink and the facet if need be. Also make sure the pipes underneath the sink work properly. Many potential buyers will look under the sink to see if there is any evidence of leaking.

Next, examine the cabinetry. Make sure that none of the cabinets are broken and all are working properly. If the cabinets look old and worn, consider replacing them. If that is too expensive, see if you can just replace the doors. If your cabinets are in good shape but perhaps just need a little touching up, you can simply paint or stain them.

If the walls in the kitchen appear old, you need to repaint. When repainting, stick with neutral colors. Also, if you have wall paper, you might want to consider tearing it down. When you re-do the walls, do not personalize if your intent is to sell the home. If you over-personalize than it decreases the possibility for a buyer to fall in love with the kitchen, as they will have different tastes.


The next step in getting your kitchen ready is cleaning. After all the renovations are completed, the kitchen needs to be at its best. Declutter everything- make sure the counters are clear. Put away everything from off the counters. Even clear off your toaster, blender, and other accessories that you might store on the counters. After everything is clear, do some deep cleaning. Make sure that every corner, crevice and surface area of your kitchen is clean. Pay special attention to the front of appliances and cupboards. The cleaner they are, the newer they appear.

Try to imagine your kitchen from a buyer’s perspective. Imagine yourself entering the kitchen for the first time. What would you notice? What would stand out? If you have a hard time doing this because of living there for so long, invite a friend to give an honest evaluation of your home.

The exterior of the cabinets should be clean but the interior should be clean as well. Buyers will examine the inside of the cupboards and pantry to see how much storage space they have. If it looks like your storage space is not big enough for your things, a buyer may will come to the conclusion that there will not be enough room for their things.Because of this, organize your storage space to make it look like there is plenty of room. Consider even clearing out half of you stuff so it looks like there is even more room.

Finishing touches

After the renovations and cleaning is done, there are only a few finishing touches that you need to complete. Light is an important element in selling your kitchen. Look at your light fixtures and see if you need to fix or replace them. Buyers don’t like dim lighting because it makes the kitchen appear bleak and dreary. Replace all burnt out light bulbs and make sure that is is well lit in your kitchen when showing it off.

You might also consider enhancing one of the purposes of a kitchen- baking. Before a buyer comes to visit consider baking something that will fill the house with a delicious aroma and a give a homey feeling to the house. And then serve the delicious treat to the potential buyer.

As you are getting ready to sell your home, remember the most important room in the house and you will be prepared for a buyer’s visit.


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