Things that Every New Homeowners Need In their Kitchens


If you are moving into your first home after an apartment or dorm room, then you are more than likely going to need to do some shopping for kitchen supplies. Now, we are not talking about edibles here, no, we are talking about gadgets. The following are some of the kitchen gadgets that you will want in your new home. If you already have them, then congratulations, but if not, consider picking them up on your next shopping trip.

Cast Iron Frying Pan

Now, you probably have a normal frying pan somewhere around your kitchen. A cast iron frying pan, however, that you may not have. But why would you want one, you may ask. The answer, more flavorful cooking. There is something about cooking in a cast iron skillet that makes food taste ten times better than when it is cooked in a normal frying pan. It is said that cast iron frying pans can sear your food better and it is good for pan or shallow frying. Remember, though, when you clean a cast iron frying pan you do not use soap -- just hot water and a good scrubbing. (For some reason the soap damages the frying pan).

Egg Slicer

This one you may have already had in your kitchens in previous abodes, but if one has not taken up residence in your kitchen yet, you will want to get one. They are very useful-- even if you don’t eat eggs all that often. These tools can actually be used for many different purposes, but since we see the words egg slicer we seem to think it is just limited to that job. Here are a few things that you can cut with your egg slicer that you may not have thought of: olives, strawberries, mushrooms, grapes, soft cheeses, and other soft foods. Once you start thinking about it, tedious jobs like slicing fruit for fruit salad or olives and mushrooms for pizza can be done in a pinch with a standard egg slicer.


If you have ever tried any sort of frying then you are very familiar with how oil acts when it is hot. The popping of hot oil on your skin is not something that people easily forget. However, to combat the scolding horror of oil splatters there is the splatter screen. It is a metal mesh screen that you place over your frying pan or pot (whatever you are cooking in) so that if the oil pops it doesn’t fly out and burn you. These can be found at most department stores and are invaluable. Like we said, not many people forget their first encounter with hot oil.


Now, this is another kitchen gadget you are probably very familiar with and you’ve probably owned one or two before now. However, do not forget to incorporate it into your new kitchens arsenal of amazing tools. Why? Well, put simply, the blender can be used for a lot more than making smoothies and milkshakes. For instance, if you do not have the funds to buy a food processor, a powerful blender can be a nice substitute for soft things like bread crumbs and soft veggies. You can also make your own powdered sugar, mix your batter for pancakes or waffles, and even mill flour if done correctly. Be sure, however, to take the time to read up on the proper techniques before you start blending. You don’t want to harm your blender.


If you are like the most of us, you probably like some sort of hot beverage in the morning-- especially during the colder months. But, gone are the times of yesterday when you simply stuck a mug in the microwave or boil water in a pot on the stove. You have your own kitchen now, you should also have your own kettle. Even if coffee is your beverage of choice, a kettle can be very useful when it comes to those times when you want to enjoy some tea or hot chocolate. They are very convenient, classy, and even tell you when they are done. These little things can easily be put on to heat up right after you get up and pour straight into your cup on your way out the door.

If you are one to use your appliances for multiple uses, then you would also be interested to know that you can cook, spaghetti and other noodles, soup, and even hard boil eggs in a kettle. This kind of ingenuity isn’t for everyone, but if you would rather use the kettle to save on dish space, then by all means, go for it!

Food Processor

The food processor, for those who are unfamiliar with it, is essentially a beefier version of the blender. These things can chop up nearly anything you can throw at it and saves you a lot of time in the process. They come in various sizes and at different price points. That way, no matter what kind of budget or how much space you have you can get one that suits your needs. You can use a food processor to chop, mince, or slice just about anything from carrots to potatoes to some meat products.

Slow Cooker (Crock Pot)

Most commonly known as a crock pot, the slow cooker is one of the most useful and tasty ways to cook a meal. If you are making stew, meatballs, a pork roast, a beef roast, or pretty much anything else that needs to cook at a low temperature for a longer period of time to taste good, then the answer is a slow cooker. These gadgets allow you to put your food in to cook a few hours ahead of time, plug them in and forget about them. They allow your food to not only cook without constant supervision and also allow it to marinate and soak up the flavors of the other food around it since it is cooking longer. (Note: a slow cooker should not go without any supervision at all, it just requires less than if you had a pot on the stove or anything like that.

Pizza Stone

Pizza is an American favorite. Whether you like deep dish, stuffed crust, with veggies, or with fruit, there is a pizza place that caters to it. However, there is still no substitute for a homemade pizza. Depending on the recipe that you use, a pizza stone may be exactly what you need to transform your pizza pie into an all-star dish. They can be found for under $25 at most department stores as well as online.

Stock Pot

You may have seen a stock pot at a store or online before and thought, ‘why in the world would I need that big of a pot? Ever!?’ Well, you would be surprised how often you can find yourself in need of a stock pot now that you have a home of your own. It can come in handy if you want to cook extra of a certain meal, if you are entraining, or if you decide to make food for a large group event. However, you can also use them for smaller meals as well if need be.

So, there you have it, 9 things that any new homeowner needs in their new kitchen! With these tools, your kitchen will be not only useful though also multifunctional and you will have almost everything you could ever need.

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