Thinking of Having Your Next Boise Home Built?

Many people are opting to have their next home built. With the many advantages, from customization to 100% energy efficient features, there’s ample reason to select a build project and watch your new home materialize before your eyes.

A new home means less maintenance and fewer repairs with high quality craftsmanship.

A large number of buyers may be under the impression that building a home is quite an expensive endeavor, while buying a home is the largest investment most people make, building new doesn’t cost as much as you think. Brand new Boise homes begin under $200,000 dollars, very affordable for a lifetime of giving and shelter with the newfangled energy efficient features and build technology that come as part of the package deal.

A new home comes with more of the amenities you desire...skylights, top-end appliances, advanced windows.

Peace of mind is a big deal for many homebuyers. New construction homes take a weight off homeowners as they know they're purchasing the latest and greatest in build technology. With vast improvements in the efficiency and durability of materials, new homes simply don't require the constant upkeep of older homes. Enjoy the peace of mind that partners with sound and sturdy construction.

2012 homes emphasize flexible space & usage, conducive to today's evolving family.

Green living is very important for our world today and tomorrow. Boise new homes are dressed with state-of-the-art equipment that use way less energy than their older relatives. Think reduced energy costs with better indoor air filtration systems! Your newly constructed home will come with advanced windows and doors...providing not only lowered utility bills but great soundproofing. Your new home will likely be stamped green approved with the Energy Star Certified label, increasing your home value and making it environmentally friendly.

Your new Boise home will be protected under a comprehensive warranty.

The advantages don't end there. The economic benefits to purchasing a new construction home in Boise and the Treasure Valley are plentiful. Residential construction has a positive and direct impact on the economy. Jobs are generated in the industries where concrete, lumber, lighting fixtures, and heat & cooling equipment are required. A strong housing industry means more jobs and more money in our community.

Whether you'd like to find a builder to get started on your next home or would like to view move-in ready homes, the Hughes Real Estate Group is your one stop resource. For answers to your questions, call (208) 571-7145 to get started today. 

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