Top 3 Things to do in Idaho Falls

Centrally located near some of Idaho's most incredible natural wonders, Idaho Falls is the largest city in Eastern Idaho, with a population of around 56,000+/- residents. Situated along the majestic Snake River, the town is home to plenty of outdoor recreational activities and opportunities to enjoy the city. Established as one of the more prominent towns in the Magic Valley, Idaho Falls is one of the last stops on the way to national parks and landmarks, including Yellowstone and Craters of the Moon. The city itself is a great destination to explore eccentric museums, enjoy beautiful scenery, dive into the thriving arts scene, or head to historic downtown for boutique shopping and savory bites. 

1. Day Trips

If the outdoors are what piques your interest, look no further than Idaho Falls. Idaho Falls has quickly become a popular destination for visitors worldwide looking to enjoy convenient access to some of the most stunning rural landscapes in the Nation with the comfort of city amenities. In just a couple of hours, you can find yourself at several of the best national parks and monuments, including Harriman State Park, Craters of the Moon, St. Antony Sandunes, Mesa Falls Scenic Byway & Waterfall, Grand Teton National Park, and Yellowstone National Park to name a few. 

Yellowstone National Park |

Less than 2+/- hours away, Idaho Falls lends passage to the West Yellowstone entrance to one the most renowned national parks in the United States. Spend the day exploring miles of grassy plains, gushing waterfalls, jewel-colored springs, incredible geysers, and catching sight of tons of wildlife spread across more than 2+/ million acres of rugged backcountry. With so much to explore, first-time visitors are recommended to check out some of the best highlights, including the Upper Geyser Basin Boardwalk, showcasing Old Faithful, a collection of hot springs, geysers, and park history or the Grand Prismatic Spring; recognized as the third largest hot spring in the world. Consider camping overnight at one of the best campgrounds in the park and head over to Madison Campground, located conveniently near the west entrance. 

Grand Teton National Park | 

The Grand Teton National Park is another popular day trip destination for outdoor adventures and nature lovers looking to enjoy the miles of the rugged backcountry. Find a host of incredible mountain ranges, grassy alpine valleys, a plethora of trails, glacier lakes, stunning panoramic views, and an abundance of wildlife waiting to be discovered. Take the opportunity to grab a camera, or hit the trails where you can find peaceful solitude and a moment to enjoy the natural beauty of the majestic mountain wilderness. Resort lodging options and a range of excellent camping sites lie just around the corner, making it easier to extend the stay. Whether you decide to tour the area for a few hours or weeks, there's no shortage of things to do, from wildlife viewing to hiking the well-known trails, including the Jenny Lake Loop and Cascade Canyon Trail, or even ascending the snowy peaks of the Tetons. 

2. Idaho Falls Greenbelt Trail

Spend the day getting to know Idaho Falls by enjoying an evening stroll, a peaceful bike ride, or even a picnic lunch along the gorgeous Idaho Falls Greenbelt Trail. This 10+/- mile-long paved pathway follows the river past scenic city highlights, including the Japenese Friendship Garden, a stunning 6+/- foot wide waterfall, and various restaurants with riverfront dining. Worth the trip alone, stop at the Japenese Friendship Garden to uncover a well-preserved urban oasis located on a rocky island off the Snake River, complete with a viewing platform and plenty of water features. Take advantage of convenient parking spaces at the southern end of the trailhead and camping available at South Tourist Park. From the Greenbelt, extend the adventure by heading over to the Snake River Landing area for more recreational opportunities, including access to miles of trails, a pier overlooking the Snake River, and more!

3. Museum Tours

Infused with art, culture, and an appreciation for history, the community of Idaho Falls is an excellent destination for visitors of all ages to learn about historical artifacts, the area's geography, and the overall preservation of the town's history. Create lasting memories for years to come and head over to one of the various museum options, including the Museum of Idaho, the Collector's Corner Museum, the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho, or the ARTitorium on Broadway. Located conveniently off the Greenbelt, the Art Museum makes for an excellent detour after a day spent basking in the sunshine. Whether you're an art connoisseur, history buff, or geologist in the making, Idaho Falls is the go-to destination for inspiration. 

The Museum of Idaho |

Located in the downtown area, the Museum of Idaho features more than 25,000+/- artifacts and specimens on display, showcasing a diverse profile of stories about Idaho's natural and cultural beginnings. Explore popular pieces from the expedition of Lewis and Clark to ancient species that depict the impact of transmigration, discovery, and community on the region. Nationally recognized for its collection of rotating exhibits, the museum attracts visitors year-round for its engaging educational opportunities and array of informative resources. The next time you're in Idaho Falls, add the Museum of Idaho to your list!

Art Museum of Eastern Idaho |

Featuring the work of several key visual artists in the state, the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho highlights local pieces that play an essential role in creating a cultural presence in the community. The museum creates an outlet for visitors of all ages to engage in open expression through art via the interactive art area or collection of galleries. Stop by on the first Saturday of the month for free admission or check out one of the many events or classes held at the location, from portrait painting to watercolor classes, poetry slams, and more! Arrive interested and leave inspired by the canvas of opportunities to choose from.

Collectors' Corner Museum |

The Collector's Corner was opened in 2003 by a couple who decided to share their passion for collecting precious memorabilia and timeless keepsakes with the community. As you enter this quaint one-story building, find thousands of unique items from stamps to presidential figurines, dolls, model trains, and more antiques stored behind glass display cases and scattered among pull-out drawers. Travel back in time and tour through decades of history all in one afternoon! Thanks to personal donations, the collection continues to grow year after year, providing visitors with new pieces and more reason to make Collector's Corner an essential stop.

ARTitorium on Broadway |

ARTitorium on Broadway provides an unconventional take on a museum aimed to integrate expression through art in our daily lives via meaningful and interactive art experiences. Focused on bringing out the kid in every one of us, the museum takes steps to showcase the potential of educational art-centric activities through field trips, art classes, and an assortment of continuously rotating interactive exhibits. Serving as a tool and valuable resource to the community, many visitors enjoy exploring the art-creation software, noise-making installations, green screen studio, stop-motion animation stations, collaborative murals, and project stations that lend the way to craft without limits. Explore all that ARTitorium has to offer and stop by today. 

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