What Makes Boise, Idaho Unique

Boise's high rises pop out of a network of beautiful trees with a mountainous backdrop, in an otherwise flat plain. Southwest Idaho, after all, is a desert.


Boise is like a gateway oasis packed with countless goods and services, growth and opportunity, a mini metropolis with all the happenings of a larger city but without the crime, poverty, and filth. Boise, Idaho is different. It's a different environment, a different experience, a different attitude. So, what makes Boise, Idaho so different and unique from just about everywhere else? 

Top Ten Reasons Why Boise, Idaho is Unique

No. 1 Boise is where rural meets urban, and no matter where you are in the city you can exchange the urban for the rural in a matter of minutes.

No. 2 Boise is located in an incredibly great location. Flights to Portland, the L.A. Area, Las Vegas, and Salt Lake City hover right around one hour, sometimes a little more, sometimes less. A flight to Seattle takes one hour, but with the time change, it takes literally no time at all.

No. 3 The weather here beats the rest. The summer boasts hours of daylight, and in the height of the summer season it stays light until about 10pm. Boise boasts a large number of cloudless days throughout the year, and though the Treasure Valley experiences four seasons of great weather, it's almost always mild & always livable. Oh, and there's such little humidity, it's almost safe to say there is no humidity.

No. 4 The people in Boise are genuinely friendly. Residents here are united by a common and almost tangible love of the city...there's an almost unspokenkinship between everyone.

No. 5 Boise doesn't even have 300,000 people, but the downtown life is strong, the culture alive, and the corporate scene is thriving. Boise is a mini metro area with all the big city amenities needed, while retaining a small city atmosphere. It's a remarkable mix.

No. 6 Go ahead and float your way down the Boise River and meet with the office executives for lunch at noon. Go ahead and lose yourself in the zillions of trails in the Boise foothills and be home by dinner. Strangers may ask about Boise, they may ask, “why Boise? Why do you live there?” Though upon visitation, it's made immediately clear.

No. 7 Boise is home to Bronco Stadium, which opened in 1970 and is famous for its unusual blue playing surface, installed in 1986 as the first non-green playing surface in football history and is the only one among NCAA Division I FBS schools. You can take a jog down the Greenbelt system for a good look.

No. 8 The most in-demand areas of Idaho as far as real estate goes, is in Boise's historic North End, where many of the homes are set apart, historic, and aesthetically awesome. The North End is a quiet, tree lined area with colors that rival New England. Think character, old fashioned, and unique culture.

No. 9 Boise is in the unique position to be able to boast about having a clean river that runs right through downtown. Not to mention the extensive network of beautiful parks and an unrivaled Greenbelt.

No. 10 Crime in Boise is low. Violent crimes are extremely low, and in fact, crime is continuing to decrease. There are no areas of Boise that aren't safe to walk through. Boise is a peaceful place to enjoy life, see new things, and get involved in community activities.

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Sandy wrote: After living for just a short time in Boise, I have to agree with everything you've said. I love the river running through so many areas of Boise and the vibrant downtown and yes, especially love the North End area!

Posted on Tuesday, July 24th, 2012 at 4:25pm.

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