Visit Twin Falls, Idaho for the First-Time

Situated between Curry to the west and Kimberly to the east, the City of Twin Falls and the greater Magic Valley are home to captivating scenic destinations and miles of picturesque countryside. This lovely town attracts travelers from all over for its world-renowned hotspots, including Shoshone Falls, dubbed the Niagara Falls of the West, and Perrine Bridge just a few miles upstream. Encompassed by sweeping views of the Snake River Canyon and a wealth of outdoor recreation, Twin Falls lies just south of this incredible landmark and the stunning Snake River. Discover the ideal balance between year-round outdoor activities and spectacular rugged landscapes for an endless list of things to do.

Catch a glimpse of why individuals decide to call Twin Falls, Idaho home and stop by today. Find a flourishing metropolis full of small-town charm, a friendly atmosphere, and convenient access to big-city amenities! An epicenter for agribusiness, Twin Falls can attribute much of its thriving economy to the local farming industry and the ever-growing job market. With a plethora of growth, miles of wide-open spaces, an abundance of housing options, it's hard to find a reason to leave.

Full of picturesque landscapes, iconic vistas, and hours of downtown entertainment, Twin Falls offers a range of things to do for city lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Enjoy the area's vibrant culture, gourmet restaurants featuring locally sourced ingredients, unique boutique shops, museums, markets, and more. With a plethora of emerging breweries and restaurants popping up, find an ideal mix of contemporary additions with preserved historic accents.

Weaved throughout the impressive cityscape, enjoy over 1,650 +/- acres of manicured parks and outdoor spaces that add to the rustic charm. This delightful community has so much to offer in addition to a host of annual events to look forward to, including Western Days Parade, Twin Falls Old Town Criterium, Light Parade, and many more to come. Head downtown and check out recent city renovations and an exciting new array of shops for a day out on the town.

Check out Twin Falls and its neighboring towns to access some of Idaho's best outdoor recreational destinations and one-of-a-kind natural wonders. The arid landscapes are brought to life by the winding Snake River that carves its way through the valley. Find a host of activities for every type of outdoor adventure, from summers on the lake to paddleboarding emerald reservoirs, BASE jumping the Perrine Bridge, and even more nearby day trip possibilities.

Explore all that Twin Falls has to offer and check out popular hotspots, including...

Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls ranks as one of the largest natural waterfalls in the United States and is often referred to as the Niagra of the West, surpassing Niagara Falls at around 212+/- feet tall and 900+/- feet wide. Situated on the Snake River, Shoshone Falls offers impressive panoramic views of the surrounding cascades and gaping basalt canyons below. The falls make for an excellent day spent admiring scenic landscapes and enjoying nearby outdoor recreational facilities, including parks, hiking trails, picnic areas, a boat ramp, a swimming area, and a picturesque vista.

Perrine Bridge

Located on the northern city limits of Twin Falls, the Perrine Bridge reaches across the majestic plains of the Snake River Canyon. This expansive four-lane bridge spans 1,500+/- feet long and offers pedestrian pathways with unbelievable views of the Snake River, local lakes, and spectacular waterfalls. Perrine Bridge stands as one of the top ten tallest bridges in the United States and is a global attraction for year-round access to BASE jumping haven.

Snake River Canyon Rim Trail

The Snake River Canyon Rim Trail captures some of the best views in town, from jaw-dropping panoramas to gushing waterfalls. Enjoy more than 10+/- miles of developed pedestrian pathways lining the spectacular Snake River Canyon, ideal for beginners and beyond. Find a plethora of outdoor recreational activities to explore, including hiking, boating, SUP opportunities, kayaking, golfing, wildlife viewing, and more! Take the opportunity to golf in the Canyon or visit popular destinations such as Canyon Springs Golf Course and Blue Lakes Country Club for more options. Many outdoor enthusiasts also enjoy rock climbing the Canyon's rocky cliffs or BASE jumping from the soaring heights.

Dierkes Lake

Dierkes Lake is a popular summertime destination with over 190+/- acres of park, ideal for summer barbeques, swimming, and an enjoyable day outdoors. The updated park provides access to a playground, picnic tables, grills, fishing, hiking trails, recreational facilities, shaded pavilions with the capacity to seat up to 54+/- individuals, and lakeside access to non-motorized boats. This serene setting is excellent for hosting events, escaping summer temperatures, and scuba diving for those on the adventurous side.

Snake River Canyon Ziplining

An excellent option for thrill-seekers, take a tour along the 1,750+/- foot long Snake River Canyon zipline and capture some of the most beautiful views in all of Southern Idaho. This unforgettable experience is complete with a guide to Twin Fall's local flora, fauna, unique geology, and intriguing backstory.

Take a day trip from Twin Falls...

Shoshone Ice Caves

Shoshone Ice Caves are a great destination to explore Idaho's incredible geology while escaping the summer heat. Take a guided tour of one of Idaho's most impressive lava ice caves reaching over 1,000+/- feet in length and up to 30+/- feet deep. Descent down a wooden pathway 3/4+/- of a mile to discover incredible frozen lava tubes created by air currents turning subterranean water to ice. Extend the underground tour and stop by Idaho's Mammoth Cave & Shoshone Bird Museum Of Natural History, full of ancient Indian artifacts, gems, and minerals just a mile or so away.

Miracle Hot Springs

Take the day to relax and unwind at a geothermal retreat. Choose from a variety of spacious public or private pools available for reservation and decompress in luxurious steaming thermal springs for the ultimate natural spa experience. Enjoy access to renovated facilities, plenty of amenities, and year-round temperature-controlled mineral pools to soak in. Stay the day or overnight at several nearby tent and RV camping sites, or choose to rent a camping dome in advance.

City of Rocks National Reserve

The City of Rocks National Reserve is a top-rated backcountry adventure and climbing destination for southern Idaho's outdoor enthusiasts. Explore this historic 14,407+/- acre and geologically diverse Reserve complete with views of the Albion Mountains, 60+/- feet tall monoliths, and towering granite bluffs. The sky's the limit when it comes to outdoor recreation in the Reserve. Popular among the rock climbing community, the City of Rocks is an excellent location to take your skills to the next level, with various routes to ascend, ranging from 5.0+/- to 5.13+/- in difficulty. The area is also ideal for hitting the trails, mountain biking, camping under the starry skies, or taking advantage of the bounty of wildlife viewing in the area.

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