What is it about Idaho Falls?

          So, why are so many people entertaining a move to Idaho these days? And what does the city of Idaho Falls have to do with it? The state of Idaho ranked as one of the top 10 places to live in the U.S. for 2019 by Moving.com, and the city of Idaho Falls was listed as one of Idaho’s great cities to consider calling home. It has been challenging to pinpoint simply one thing that accounts for what it is about Idaho Falls that makes it so irresistibly charming. The city of Idaho Falls could be described as the ideal mix of old and new, where tradition grows and flourishes, and where oftentimes the very things you enjoy most about this area are the very things the folks who have lived here their entire lives are talking about enjoying to this very day. The city of Idaho Falls is generously sprawled out across the Upper Snake River Valley and the core of downtown sits alongside the beautiful waters of the Snake River. The heart of the city is founded upon a strong sense of community, a stronghold in foundations of business, combined with abundant area attractions and a handful of delightfully scenic destinations. 

          Those are all excellent attributes of the city, though, there is something remarkably special about this area that keeps visitors coming back again and again, with many choosing to stay and make this area home. That being said, it very well could be the heart of the community that keeps residents enjoying life and visitors coming back. The trending buzz that may be found throughout the community could easily be described as enthusiasm for full spirited living, and perhaps it’s the greater appreciation for marvelous surroundings that make up this uniquely terrific city. Whatever it is that pulsates throughout the community, it’s wonderfully contagious and has the ability to make for an excellent experience for visitors and residents alike. The overall environment in Idaho Falls is one that is oftentimes casual, light-hearted, and easy-going. It’s a place where more often than not, the people are down to earth, enjoyable and care-free. Idaho Falls could become one of those places you visit and leave with memorable experiences and meet people you don’t quickly soon forget. 

          Unlike many other cities, the Idaho Falls area boasts four distinct seasons with delightful spring weather and flowers blooming across the valley as well as a genuinely amazing sunny summer filled with water activities, outdoor adventures, and in-town entertainment options to keep the calendar full. The fall foliage brings the area to life with amazing colors of autumn reds and yellows. Then comes the wintry wonderland in the colder winter months that comes and goes as quickly as it arrives, creating opportunities for snow activities and winter weather fun. Year-round one may choose to enjoy some of the plentiful shopping venues and dining possibilities as well as the art and history museum, zoo, or possibly the aquarium. The Idaho Falls Civic Auditorium is also well known for hosting year-round performances, including musicals and performing arts. Idaho Falls boasts over 30 parks, which may be classified as a mix of mini-pocket parks, neighborhood parks, community parks, metropolitan parks, regional parks, as well as special use areas, linear parks, and linkages, and conservancy areas. The Idaho Falls Raceway (Noise Park) is another neat recreation area for those who enjoy hanging out at the dirt track, fees apply. Other year-round activity opportunities include the Idaho Falls Greenbelt Loop, which runs 11.1 +/- miles and boasts scenic views of the Snake River and the beautiful falls. 

          The Idaho Falls Snake River Landing is located in the heart of area happenings with riverfront views and is a popular destination for many who enjoy getting out to take in the welcoming culture, live local music, community activities, all while being surrounded by the stir of others out enjoying the same. Events hosted and presented at this location have been known to include various races, tournaments, marathons, dashes, and the ever so popular Fourth of July Idaho Falls Riverfest & Melaleuca Freedom Celebration to name a few. Discover various dining hot spots and eateries in and around the Snake River Landing for the chance to grab a bite to eat and then venture off to the activities that you appreciate most. Find spacious open green areas ideal for taking a break, delightful ponds, a stream that boasts water features such as cascading waterfalls and impressive water displays, meandering pathways that possess boardwalk-style characteristics all within this fantastic location. 

          The city of Idaho Falls has steadily continued its strong performance in business foundations and development for quite some time. From 3/2018 - 3/2019, Idaho Falls saw an increase of 2.5% in the job market alone, combined with an unemployment rate of a mere 2.4%, well below the national average of 3.9%. The median household income for Idaho Falls residents runs around $45,680 +/- a year. Occupations by sector fall primarily in health care, retail trade, manufacturing as well as professional scientific and technical services. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ranked Idaho Falls, Idaho as 52nd for the best job markets in over 100 cities across the states with the city of Boise coming in at 97th of 100. For additional information on Idaho Falls occupational wage averages, be sure to check out the Idaho Department of Labor Occupational Employment & Wages - Idaho Falls, ID to get a better idea of what various occupations rank for hourly and annual wages in the area. 

Well, there you have it. The city of Idaho Falls overall is an inviting destination that many adore. Whether you’re information gathering, planning a trip to the area, or in the decision-making process of calling this area home, Idaho Falls is a vibrant city with much to offer anyone who travels in this direction. Don’t forget to schedule in some extra free time to enjoy the community, the various things to do in the area, or simply time to take in the surroundings.   







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