What’s so good about being a real estate agent?


It seems like there are more and more real estate agents out there every year. But why is this? Why do people want to be real estate agents? Well, as you will find out in this article, being a real estate agent is the quickest way to becoming an entrepreneur. If you have ever wanted to run your own business or have just wanted a change of pace from your other jobs, then being a real estate agent is probably the best way to do that if you have limited time and resources. Now, don’t get us wrong, it is not easy (which is to be expected with any opportunity worth its salt). There are persistent obstacles that will crop up, new skills and knowledge you will need to acquire, and much more. It is a difficult venture; if it is so difficult though, why do people still become real estate agents?

The following paragraphs will answer that question. This article is a list of the pros of being a real estate agent. It doesn’t cover the cons at all, so be sure to remember that there are still downsides to being a real estate agent that aren’t listed here. Make sure that you now the risks, cons, and downsides to any occupation before jumping in.

Reason number 1 for wanting to be a real estate agent: You become your own boss—

Out of all the reasons to be a real estate agent, this is probably the most popular. The essence of being a real estate is to have control. Even if you decide to join a real estate team (a great way to have support throughout your early years) you still have loads of autonomy and are able to call the shots however you like. If you want your business to be taken in a certain direction, you don’t need the approval from a boss to do it. If you want to create a certain brand awareness, you can have that control. Now, again, when you are part of a team, some of that control you may have to forfeit, but not all of it.

You also can take vacations whenever you please, however, you can’t expect to make money when you are not working. Unless you structure your business a certain way, you won’t have any sort of paid sick leave or paid vacations.

Reason number 2 for wanting to be a real estate agent: You get to create your schedule—

If you like to work at a specific time of day that is not in line with your company’s rules, you will have to come into work when they want you to. But, for you real estate agents, you have control. If you want to stay up late into the night to work, then by all means, go for it. If you prefer to get up early and do your thing, then you are free to do so.

Reason number 3 for wanting to be a real estate agent: You get to help people—

Being a helping hand is at the heart of real estate. If you work with someone who is looking to buy or sell a home, they are looking to you to make this large financial step smoother. They, for the most part, won’t know what to do and they will need you to help them. This sense of being needed is a great motivator for many people. When you act on behalf of someone, you are not only giving them a better chance of success, but you are helping to make their real estate dreams, whatever they are, a reality.

Reason number 4 for wanting to be a real estate agent: No two days are the same—

Have you ever felt the monotony of a job? One where you did the same thing day in and day out? If so, and if you didn’t like it, then you will enjoy being a real estate agent. Each day for a real estate agent is never the same as the one before. Each day is novel and, while not exciting, it isn’t boring either. You will have some days where you work from 8 to 2 and be done for the day and then some days when you don’t have to be to the office or to a showing until 5. It really is a great way of life for people who like to have a different thing to do every day.

Reason number 5 for wanting to be a real estate agent: You get to meet all new people— Some people may not consider the ability to socialize a requirement for a job, but with real estate it is almost required (to an extent). Now we aren’t saying that you should go around chatting with everyone all the time, but you will need to build relationships with a lot of new people. You will get to know contractors, lenders, other agents, investors, buyers, sellers, home cleaners, handymen/ women, and just about everything in between. It is a very social job. So, if you like to be around people, then this job will allow you to do that.

Reason number 6 for wanting to be a real estate agent: Job security

Now, this is where you really need to split hairs by first asking: what is job security? Is it freedom from being fired from a boss or freedom from any calamity that could force you into a different line of work? If you consider jobs security the freedom from worry that a boss will fire you, then yes, being a real estate agent will be good for you. You are your own boss. However, if the market crashes or there is some sort of catastrophe that would threaten the real estate world, then you may not be able to work in the field anymore. And even if you just hit a rough patch, which everyone does, if not properly handled, you can be out of money as you are paid on commissions.

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