Where To Put Your Television In Your Home

The long, flat rectangular box lies discarded on the floor. A mess of foam, tape, and peeled off paper filters out in a fan around it, and a single pair of scissors is buried in the pile. But at the moment, these things don’t really catch your attention. At the moment all you can think about is the sleek black prize you have just extracted. Your new flat screen TV in your home. You jubilantly survey the smooth surface, and quickly plug in the power cord so you can admire the fabulous picture. But as time passes, you begin to wonder where to put your latest home attraction. That big, flat rectangle looks absolutely hot, but it doesn’t necessarily look like it will fit in with your living room. Here are a few tricks to ensure that the placement and arrangement of your flat screen TV doesn’t throw off the balance of your living room.


You will want to be able to see the TV from all angles.The idea behind even having a TV is for you to watch it; a potted plant or someone’s head in the way defeats the whole purpose. When you place your flat screen TV, arrange the furniture so that you have full view from every couch and chair. To be absolutely sure, sit down in each spot and see if that is a place where you could comfortably spend time watching a movie or the latest football game. Also be very conscious of the windows in your living room; afternoon glare on the screen detracts from your viewing experience. If necessary purchase curtains or blinds to use during the day to reduce the glare or mirroring from outside light.


Choosing where, vertically, you will place your flat screen TV is also essential to comfort in your home. A high wall mount with furniture directly below it is asking for a sore neck, but works all the better if your furniture reclines. If you have limited space for a high wall mount in your living room, an entertainment center placing your TV at the level of your eye when seated is ideal. Make sure to survey the space you have available to see if a wall mount or entertainment center works better for you and your family in your home.


Although the TV is a beautiful addition to your home, make sure to adjust your decorations so that it fits in with how you would like your room to look. If you want the TV to be the central item, make sure to accent the wall behind it with some color. This brings attention to that portion of the room. Placing simplistic artwork, statues, or greenery nearby also adds flavor to the mix and breaks up the boxy shape of your TV. If you do not want the TV to be the focal point of the room, use an entertainment center that has cabinet panels that you can close over the TV.

If you’re beautiful new TV looks awkward in your living room, take a few steps back and see if you can adjust the position or decorations so that it looks as fabulous as it really is. A few tweaks can turn your place into the hottest home theater on the block.

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