Why Interest in Kuna Homes is Rising

Kuna rests on the south end of the treasure valley, and, in many ways, it is one of the area's best kept secrets. Kuna is a fantastic little community with many things to offer to those that live there. It has a unique feel, and there are numerous advantages to calling it home. So, what makes Kuna such a great place to live? Here are just a few of the many things:

Small-Town Feel:

Although the treasure valley has grown up around it, Kuna still has the feeling of a small town. It is close to all of the amenities of larger cities like Boise, but has all of the advantages of living in a small community. There is really only one main street area in town, and it is full of locally owned businesses and restaurants. There are very few large chains within city limits, but Kuna does not feel isolated. Instead, it feels like a place that one wants to call home. There is a large park in the center of town that is well loved and used, along with areas to walk along and enjoy Indian Creek which meanders through town.

Central Location:

With Nampa to the west, Boise to the East, and Meridian as well as Eagle to the north, Kuna is centrally located. This can be a great advantage for those wanting easy access to all that the valley has to offer. Nothing feels like it is out of reach from this community because it really isn't. Kuna is just a short drive from both Boise State University in Boise, and Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa. It is also just a quick trip to Zoo Boise, or to the Idaho Center.

Great Schools:

Kuna has truly excellent schools. It can boast the highest teacher to student ration in the treasure valley at one teacher to every fifteen students (Boise Weekly). The district and the community have a history of working together to make the education of Kuna's children a priority. The relationship between the schools and those living in Kuna is open and honest. The district publishes all of the dates and times for its board meetings in an easy to find area of their website, and they keep the community involved in as many of the decisions they make as possible.

Birds of Prey:

Sitting right at the edge of the World Center For Birds of Prey Wildlife Area and near the Snake River Canyon, Kuna sees many unique birds. The city takes great pride in the fact that it is so close to such a unique place, and it really is special to be located in an area that is home to the highest population of nesting birds of prey in North America.

Kuna is a hidden treasure in the Boise area, and those seeking a place to live that has the feel of a small town with the advantages of being close to bigger areas, may find it appealing. Check out what Kuna has to offer by using our innovative search feature, or call one of our agents today.

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