Wildlife Near Boise

Boise RiverBoise residents are blessed with the benefit of living right on the edge of a wilderness.  In every direction, the Boise Metropolitan area’s homes and properties quickly lead to open spaces, as even with the large population gain there is still plenty of land in the area.  Local wildlife add quality to life to those living in Boise.  Boise is categorized as a high desert, and is close to higher elevations, so Boise animals are abundant.  Boise residents may learn another spot where they can find animals nearby, and outsiders will see how widespread wildlife access is in the capital of Idaho.

Animals in Town
Apart from the usual sparrow and squirrel, Boise is home to a wide variety of birds and small mammals.  There are few snakes, bugs, or other pesky invasive species.  Boise’s colder winter is to thank for that and those from hotter climates will love that there aren’t cockroaches or scorpions.  Boise is in the movement route for many ducks and geese, so they are plentiful, in the fall especially.  The Boise River is the native habitat for so many animals, including eagles, sandhill cranes, beavers, fish, and deer to name a few.  Deer can be seen in the middle of the downtown Boise, or in Meridian, Eagle, and obviously the foothills.  If you want to stay away from the wildlife action, you probably will want to be away from the river and the mountains, in a community like the Boise Bench or West Boise.  If you want to be able to see many beautiful animals from your backyard, then there are many Boise neighborhoods with homes and properties close to the action in the foothills or the river, and surrounding cities like Eagle, Middleton, and Kuna have animals nearby.

Birds of Prey
The World Center for Birds of Prey is located in South Boise where there are educational tours, shows, and exhibits, enough to keep any bird lover happy for hours.  The Snake River Birds of Prey area is located southeast of Boise City and is a protected home to many of beautiful birds of prey.  It has the world’s largest concentration of golden eagles and prairie falcons. For a bird lover, this is a “can’t miss” stop and can be accessed easily from anywhere in the Boise area.  It is also popular to have bird feeders in town to see all the different birds that come to eat your food.

The Boise Front is just to the Northeast of homes and properties in downtown Boise.  There are deer, elk, bear, mountain lion, and many smaller animals.  It is a frequent hunting spot because it is close to town and many animals migrate down to lower elevations in the late fall.  There are also many great camping spots within thirty minutes of the city.  Fishing is available in nearby Lucky Peak Reservoir and in town in the Boise River or numerous ponds.  There are even more popular mountains farther north of Boise, but in Idaho, you can go in any direction and you will find abundant natural opportunities.  The Nampa-Caldwell area homes and properties are close to Lake Lowell where many boat in the summer and fish for bass.  Also, the Owyhee Mountains and Snake River are easy to enjoy for those on the west end of the valley.  In the various surrounding desert areas there are pronghorn antelope, coyote, and other desert dwellers.

Outdoor recreation, including relishing the joys of nature, is one of the highlights of living in Boise.  You are literally surrounded by a host of amazing creatures.  A chance encounter with one of Boise’s resident animals is an exciting reminder of why you live here, and how, in this city, a delicate, moving balance between nature and man exists.  Look at Boise homes and properties today and find how you can make your life better by being in tune with nature.  

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