Your Realtor: More Than A Home-Buying Liaison

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Only those who belong to the National Association of Realtors can call themselves a Realtor.  All Realtors belong to this association which carries with it a certain standard of excellence and benefits both the buyer and seller.  Realtors are professionals in their field.  According to a survey, over 80% of home buyers say they would use their realtor again.  Below you will find a few things you may not have known about your realtor. 

Education and Occupation 

To become a realtor, it is necessary to study for and pass a test before receiving a real estate license.  Additionally, because the market changes so quickly, all Realtors must participate annually in continuing education.  This is part of why Realtors are so qualified to help you with your home-buying decision.  No one would think of representing themselves in court without a lawyer, so why would anyone think of doing so when buying a house?  This is their specialty, so let them represent you in your real estate transactions.   You and your realtor can work together to form a great team.

Honesty is Their Policy

Realtors must subscribe to a code of ethics in order to belong to the National Association of Realtors.  The code of ethics is a promise that Realtors will represent the interests of the buyer or seller while providing accurate information in a professional manner.  Penalties are severe and abuses few, so this should give you  peace of mind. Realtors work hard, in fact they only get paid if the buyer is satisfied and makes a home purchase.  They don’t have a set salary to make them comfortable.  They need to be honest, even blunt, to make sure everything is clear and understandable during your home-buying process.

A Good Realtor is Efficient

Buying a house takes a considerable amount of time.  Realtors are able to cut down the time spent because they know the process well.  Time is money.  They save you valuable time, while spending much more time than you would expect for each buyer and seller.  Realtors are workhorses.  They work long hours, and are available evenings and weekends to make home buying as easy as possible.  They strive to make buying a home as stress-free as possible.

Work on Comission for Their Mission

Realtors are self-employed so they only receive compensation if the sale goes through. This means they will help you get the most for your money.  They will bend over backwards to help you, because, in a sense, you are their temporary boss.  A Realtor has worked for many different people, so he has a great pool of contacts that will be useful for you.  Get to know your realtor.  He will help you more and more, the better your business relationship is.

While it’s easy not to know or remember what your realtor is there for, they really should be your good friend, or at least one of the most useful. Realtors have a different job than most, and they should be respected for being so good at what they do.  Find an agent, and let them professionally guide you to a great next home.

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