Your Real Estate Agent Can Make or Break your New Home Project

Your Agent and Your New Home Project

For those who dream of a new home project, it can be both an exciting effort as well as a very stressful time. So many factors are involved with new home projects. All this factors can thrill some people while cause others to pull their hair out in frustration.  By partnering with a knowledgeable real estate agent, your new home project can be much less of a challenge. Real estate agents not only provide the service of getting the best price on a home – these professionals also work with you to make sure your new home project meets all of your expectations.

Some of the benefits of using a real estate agent for your new home project include:

  • Documenting your basic home requirements and translating those needs into viable options to choose from – your real estate agent will note items such as fenced yard, patio or porch, number of bedrooms, type of layout, lot size, any special bathroom requirements, basement, and more.
  • Finding the right property location and the right lot size based on your needs – your real estate agent can find development communities as well as plots of land that are available for development.
  • Connecting with builders and developers who will work with you on your new home – choosing the right builder is essential for a new home project, and your real estate agent can make sure a reputable builder is available to work with you.
  • Confirming that the plans and the property are a "fit" based on your needs – some home plans may not work with the property that is chosen, and vice versa. Your real estate agent puts all of the factors together to come up with a solution that will work best for you. Sometimes a basement may not work on the property – your real estate agent can point out these issues and help you make a decision as well as offer alternatives.
  • Overall management of your new home project to make sure everything is completed on time and on budget – from paperwork and closing schedules to the groundbreaking, inspections and build out of your new home.
  • Choosing a closing attorney as well as mortgage provider options
  • Finding painters, landscapers or decorators to help with the finishing touches

A new home project is an exciting adventure. To have a more positive experience and to reduce the stress that can naturally come from such a large project, work with your realtor to help your new home project be remembered with a smile on your face.

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