Boise School District

The Boise School District is a comprehensive public school system that is the second oldest district in the state of Idaho. It was formerly the largest school district in the state, but the nearby Meridian School District has become the largest. As of the 2016 school year, there were about 26,000 students and 4,300 staff. We suggest you visit the Boise school district website for more extensive information.

Boise High School

Several Options

There are several school options that fall under the web of the Boise School District, and you'll need to do some homework or enlist the help of your real estate agent who will have good information on Boise neighborhoods and can help you with which schools fall under which zones.

Students in the Boise School District continually outperform the rest of the state on standardized achievement tests in every subject as well as awards.

High Schools

There are four traditional high schools under the school district, including Boise, Borah, Capital, and Timberline. For alternative high schools, there are Frank Church and Mariah Pritchett.

Junior High Schools

For junior high schools, there are eight in the district. These include East, Fairmont, Hillside, Les Bois, North, Riverglen, South, and West.

Elementary Schools

There are thirty-three elementary schools in the Boise school district. Their website has a complete listing of these elementary schools and maps of where they are located.

Boise Home

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