Idaho City ID - No, It Isn't The Capitol

Idaho City, Id is a small city just 45 minutes northeast of Boise. Access our MLS for all listed properties and homes in Idaho City, complete with detailed information and photographs.

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Idaho City ID, Get Some Fresh Air

If you'd like to jump on your mountain bike, ATV, horse, or simply lace up your shoes right from your own backyard and explore miles upon miles of state forest, then Idaho City, Id is your place. This small Idaho gem is tucked around beautiful landscapes with outdoor activities provided by Idaho's unlimited resources for exciting, family fun. Not only does Idaho City provide you with a safe, affordable environment to live and play, but it's also strategically placed just 45 minutes outside of Idaho's capital city, where whatever needs you have can be met with great shopping, entertainment, and hospitals.

Idaho City, Id has as much of a historical background as it does outdoor recreation. This "ghost town" came to be during the time of the Civil War when gold was discovered in the Boise Basin. Idaho City, now with just under 500 people, was once the largest city in the entire territory. Before was all said and done, $250,000,000 worth of gold was uncovered from the Boise Basin.

Idaho City, Id is now a fascinating and historical destination thriving with year-round recreation. Idaho City is hugged by the Boise National Forest from all sides, complete with timbered mountains and gorgeous rivers. You can drive up the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Drive through the photogenic Sawtooth National Recreation Area where there are absolutely spectacular and unspoiled scenic views. To call Idaho City, Id home, is to call it your own personal four seasons of fun.

If you're looking to buy land or a home in Idaho City, you won't find a better place complete with breathable open air, wide open spaces, and views that won't let you get any work done. Idaho City crawls with colorful flowers during the spring and summer with glistening streams and cloudless days. Enjoy fishing? If rainbow and brook trout is what you're after, Idaho City's rivers won't disappoint. Winter and fall transform Idaho City. Winter sports take over, and you may possibly go for miles with your snowshoes or cross country skis.

Purchasing real estate in Idaho City, Id can be the most rewarding thing you'll ever do. Take a tour of Idaho City and search the MLS for all available listings of homes and properties.