Map of Boise, and Your Search

As you visit Boise, map the neighborhoods that cater most closely to your needs. Get a good grasp on the area, including school information, house values, and crime rates.

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Map of Boise- Finding Your Love House

You must want to know what all the fuss is about with Boise Idaho. It could be the solid family oriented atmosphere with astonishingly low crime rates. Or, it might be the beautiful backdrop of mountains and the endless inventory of trees. Maybe it’s the numerous amenities that filter every corner of the city. Boise has the largest mall in Idaho and four perfectly distinct seasons. Boise sounds almost too good to be true, and we’ve not even mentioned her strong economic health or stabilized housing market.

Upon looking at a satellite Boise map, you’ll see that all 68 square miles of Boise seem to be tucked in a valley with hundreds upon thousands of trees. To stand at a vantage point in the Boise foothills, you’ll see a view of Boise that reminds you of why Boise is such a spectacular place. The downtown flourish of skyrises pop out of a flat, endless plane full of lush greenery. Though Boise is a growing city, there’s always a place of solitude in the foothills where you can take a step back and marvel at the beautiful place you live.

The fuss over Boise lies in its ability to dominate so many “best of” lists. A Boise map can only hint upon its many traits and characteristics, and it would take several summers to thoroughly enjoy the bounty of things to do. The best way to take advantage of the city’s amenities is to find a neighborhood map of Boise and scope out the locations that will feed direct access to her finer points, such as the Greenbelt system and the Boise river. In so doing, you’ll not only enjoy it exponentially, but the value of your house will be plump and healthy because of it.

There are several parts that make up Boise and contribute to her cultural status and supportive arts community. Take a ride through the North End and visit the collection of vintage homes. Wind up Parkcenter Boulevard along the Boise River, hike to Table Rock, or spin your bike wheels down one of the many tributaries of biking and hiking trails in the foothills. However you get there, and wherever you go in Boise, you’ll be reminded why you’re here.