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 Your properties Idaho search begins with a wide range of possibilities, but when it comes down to the time when you finally find the right one, you'll want to be equipped to beat out the competition.

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You're properties Idaho search has resulted in the perfect home, and you're anxious to get underway and get that purchase offer submitted.

The written contract, or purchase offer, is a list of contracts you'll sign and submit to the seller with a certain amount of earnest money to show the seller how serious you are about buying the home. The more serious you are, the higher the amount will likely be. Of all the properties Idaho you've found, this is the one that fits your needs the closest, so it's important to go in with the right purchase offer.

If you're working with one of our real estate agents, they'll ensure the job gets done right, and will have a standard purchase offer form for you to complete, sign, and hand over to the seller to sign if they accept your offer. The written offer is the basis of a legal contract, so it's important it gets done right and done thoroughly. Your agent will cover the important details with you and make sure they are accurately included in your offer.

All properties Idaho sold are subject to going through the purchase offer step, so it's important to be well aware of what's involved and what's expected of you. Inside the offer, there's typically 7 items:

The amount you're offering to purchase the property, and the way you'll pay the seller.

Contingencies, such as things that may go wrong, like financing, or a negative home inspection.

Conveyances, which will list whether or not the home will come furnished or unfurnished.

A deadline, or an expiration date on your offer.

Concessions, like costs you'd like the seller to pay for.

The check containing earnest money.

The size of your down payment.

Upon receipt of your purchase offer, the seller will either sign your offer as is, make a counteroffer, or reject your offer. Be prepared if the seller chooses to counter offer. Remember that negotiation is important when making an offer on a home. It's the way in which you get the greatest discount and best deal.

If you're working with one of our experienced agents in your properties Idaho search, the great thing is that they'll have the bases covered in your purchase offer and will negotiate the best possible price for you.