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Real Estate Land in Boise

Land in BoiseOn the search for land opportunities in the Boise area? Boise is Idaho's largest and capital city, the state's premier center for business, fun and life. Boise is an outstanding performer for anybody looking for a place with affordable living, a strong economy and plentiful things to do and see. From Zoo Boise, the Boise Foothills, Boise Greenbelt & river, Boise museums, Boise dining & shopping, the city has you covered. Low crime and an excellent school district are just 2 of the many reasons people prefer Boise. Walking the Boise Greenbelt or hiking the Boise Foothills are two of the most treasured activities residents enjoy. If you're searching for land, new or old homes, commercial opportunities or anything in between, Hughes Group has you covered.

Real Estate Land in Nampa

Real estate opportunities in Nampa are popping up left and right as the city grows. Nampa is one of the fastest growing cities in the entire state of Idaho, and is considered a part of the Boise metro area. Nampa has access to all the recreational opportunities afforded by the state of Idaho. Enjoy swimming, hiking, biking, and summer traveling down nearby scenic byways. Nampa is home to some world-class activities, such as the Idaho Stampede. The College of Western Idaho is the state's fastest growing community college located in Nampa, as well as the Idaho Center, the Nampa Rec center and several parks. For available land in Nampa, search our innovative search features.

Real Estate Land in Kuna

Land in KunaIf you're interested in purchasing land in Kuna, our search tools are the fastest way to get you there. Kuna is one of the state's fastest growing cities with just over 15,000 people. Kuna's population has nearly tripled in the last ten years. Kuna is the destination for those who wish to live close to the large city (Boise) while living in a rural environment. Kuna is close enough to all the great things about Boise to make living there and working in Boise possible. Find out what so many others have discovered in Kuna.

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